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Extremely ugly and looks like marijuana.
kayisforkeen  10/3/2018
The "Ta-" prefix isn't meant to have any meaning - it was more likely inspired by other feminine names that begin with Ta-, like Tamara and Tanya. And of course Juana is Spanish in origin, but like several other names from continental European languages (most often French and Spanish) it has gained some currency in African-American communities. Antonio, André and Monique are other examples of Spanish and French names that are more popular among Black Americans in the context of the USA.
― Anonymous User  7/7/2012
It's ugly, ghetto-riffic, sounds too much like Tijuana. It also makes me think of the ghastly Tawana Brawley.
bananarama  8/11/2009
Why is "ta" a popular prefix? It's just the feminine form of "your" in French. This would sound ridiculous to a French person, as all these names would. Would you call your daughter "Yourjuana"?
― Anonymous User  4/23/2009
This name looks Spanish to me.
number1212  1/12/2009
I think this name sounds cute. I'm strange like that, I know. It just appeals to me.
GarbageGuy  7/4/2008
This is one of the most ridiculous ghetto names I've seen. Juana is not an African-American name to begin with, and I really don't get the need to shove a silly prefix to every single name. It sounds like soime sort of weird article like 'the'. I am THE Juana, and THE trash, as this name is THE ghetto. If you get my drift.
slight night shiver  5/8/2008
Too close to Tijuana.
― Anonymous User  1/6/2007
This name sounds Spanish instead of English.
LindsayHansen  4/26/2005

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