Takeru (尊) Komatsubara (小松原) aka Tim Koleto, born in 1991, is an American-born ice dancer who became a Japanese citizen in 2020. He and his wife, Misato Komatsubara, are the 2020 NHK Trophy gold medalists and four-time Japanese national champions. Together, they also earned a bronze medal from the team event at the 2022 Winter Olympics.Takeru (猛) Imamura (今村), a Japanese baseball player. Takeru (健) Inukai (犬養), a Japanese politician. Takeru (尊) "Tsunami" Kobayashi (小林), a Japanese competitive eater.Takeru (武瑠), a Japanese singer from the rock band 'Sug'.Takeru (たける) Nagayoshi (永吉), a Japanese manga artist.Takeru (健) Satoh (佐藤), a Japanese actor, portrays Ryotaro Nogami in tokusatsu series Kamen Rider Den-O.Takeru (武尊) Segawa (世川) born in 1991, Japanese kickboxer.Yamato Takeru (タケル) no Mikoto (ヤマトタケルノミコト), originally Prince Ousu (小碓命, Ousu no Mikoto), was a Japanese semi-legendary prince of the Yamato dynasty, son of Emperor Keikō, who is traditionally counted as the 12th Emperor of Japan. The kanji spelling of his name varies: it appears in the Nihon Shoki as 日本武尊 and in the Kojiki as 倭建命.Takeru (タケル aka RedMask), a character in 'Hikari Sentai Maskman'. Takeru (タケル), the main character in the 'Freedom Project' by Nissin Cup Noodles.Takeru (猛), secondary character from the visual novel, anime and manga 'Togainu no Chi'.Takeru (剛) Danma (弾間), a character known as "The Hatter" in 'Alice in Borderland', played by Nobuaki Kaneko.Takeru (川猛) Edogawa (江戸), a character in the manga series 'The Devil Does Exist'.Takeru (尊) Fujiwara (藤原), a character from 'Prince of Stride'.Takeru Ibaraki, a character in the American comic book series 'Witchblade'.Takeru (タケル) Mizushima (水島), a character in the Japanese TV drama 'Last Friends'.Takeru (タケル) Ohyama (大山), the main character in the anime and manga series 'Maken-ki!'.Takeru (丈瑠) Shiba (志葉), a character in 'Samurai Sentai Shinkenger'.Takeru Shirogane, the main character in the visual novel series 'Muv-Luv'.Takeru (タケル) "T.K." Takaishi (高石), a character in the anime and manga 'Digimon'.Takeru (タケル) Takemoto (竹本), a character in the anime 'This Ugly Yet Beautiful World'.Takeru (猛) Teshimine, a character in the anime and manga series 'GetBackers'.Takeru Yamato, the main character in the 'Dragon Knight' series of Anime/H-games.Takeru (タケル) Tenkuji (天空寺), the main character in 'Kamen Rider Ghost'.Takeru Tsukumo, a main character in the manga 'Exoskull Zero'.Takeru (猛竜) Jakuzure (蛇崩), a character from 'Garo'.Takeru (尊) Homura (穂村), a main character in 'Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS'.
Pronounced /tä.ke̞.ɾɯ/.

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