Tuilelaith is the original Irish name and is pronounced 'TIL-a-la'.
"Tuilefhlaith" would be pronounced roughly "TWILL-ya-la" or "TOOL-ya-la".
Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii was a 9-year-old girl in New Zealand who recently was granted court permission to legally change her name. Talula really is a pretty name, it's a shame her parents ruined it.
I am only guessing it would be Tah-HOO-la in pronunciation, but I don't speak Gaelic or anything like that so I am probably wrong.
In "Barbie As The Island Princess" there was a monkey named Talulla. She was the pet of the king and queen.
Tallulah (three l's and an h) was a character in the 2007 Doctor Who episodes "Daleks In Manhattan/Evolution of The Daleks." She was a showgirl in Depression era New York City, and had the worst American accent I've ever heard!
I prefer it without the 'h' on the end.
Youngest daughter of Demi Moore & Bruce Willis. This name is cool, but "TALLULAH WILLIS?" That's pretty bad.
Talulla with an "h" on the end is a character in the musical "Bugsy Malone".

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