My name is Taniqua but the 'qua' is pronounced like 'kuh' like in french. Tuh-nee-kuh.
Tiki  2/4/2021
I think Taniqua is a pretty name. It doesn't sound “ghetto” to me, but even if it did, what's wrong with that? I think Taniqua is a nice name, especially paired with a good middle name, like Taniqua Michelle, Taniqua Rain, Taniqua Taylor or something like that.
Breathe J.  10/4/2020
First let me start by saying some of the comments I’m reading sound somewhat racist.
My name is Taniqua and my twin’s name is Shaniqua. Our names are both exotic African and Native American names.

In African lango it means God is Gracious, and in Native American it means beautiful or beautiful spirit. We have both Native American and African lineage. The negative connotation that comes with having our names is just plain ignorance.

There is nothing ghetto or unattractive about our unique names.. they are beautiful and honestly we both are physically very beautiful as well.
No one should have to grow up being ashamed of their unique name just because it’s not “Sara” or “Karen”. Some of you are way too judgmental and borderline racist, learn to accept people’s differences.
T_keara  6/17/2020
Looks made-up. It's not very attractive.
someone-  5/25/2020
Any name with qua in it is crap.
Luvbug86  6/12/2019
I really dislike this name, it doesn't sound very proper.
kayisforkeen  9/8/2018
My name is Taniqua... and I love my name. If you don't like it fine, but to say it sounds ghetto says more about who you are and less about the meaning of my name.
Taniqua  12/22/2015
There's this girl in my choir named Taniqua; sometimes she'll go by "Niki" which we pronounce "neekee".
hizakigrace  3/20/2013
My name is Taniqua and I don't know why anyone would associate a name with negative things. Taniqua is an American form of the Russia name Tania which means fairy queen. People are really getting worked up over a name, if you don't like it then name your child a different name I'm sure there are a few others to choose from. People who have a name such as this one or other names that are not plain names like John, are quite confident and like their name.
thillman686  8/27/2011
I like this name. Is that a crime around here? I think it sounds pretty and rather exotic. Taniqua definitely doesn't deserve the amount of criticism it gets. I think many of the previous comments seem very bigoted, and I would even go as far as to say racist. Taniqua is not a bad name.
― Anonymous User  2/15/2010
There are several "African American names" that are much better than this. I happen to know girls named Mikayla, Laneisha, and Debrianna, which are all nice names. (I particularly like the last one--I think it's much better than Debra/Deborah.) Taniqua is NOT one of these beautiful African American names: it sounds just like Shaniqua, and it's about as ghetto.
― Anonymous User  7/25/2009
The "qua" at the end is so ugly. Just use Tanisha.
number1212  1/12/2009
Very stereotypical indeed. It's got the prefix, the ''eee'' sound on the second syllable, and even a hideous ending with that awful ''kwa'' sound. You know this name can't lead to good expectations.
slight night shiver  5/8/2008
Like Tanisha and Tanika, Taniqua is a predominantly African-American name, fitting in with the newly created names that have been popular in that community since the 1960s. I think some of the other comments about this name seem to be ignorant of other cultures and a bit insensitive.
clevelandkentevans  1/14/2008
Maybe it's a corruption of the Eastern European name Danica? It's not a very attractive-looking name: the 'qua' on the end looks a bit made-up and silly.
― Anonymous User  10/22/2007
I feel that this name is atrocious. It's sound is so trashy and calous. I urge anyone considering this name for their daughter to, please, choose a different name altogether. This name is awful, and I should be completely embarassed if I bore it. There are no words to describe my views of this wretched, accursed "name", so I shall part with that being stated.
Pheadirean  5/31/2006

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