It means "ask" in Indonesian, my native language. Personally, I think this is silly as a name.
I love Tanya for a name. It sounds sweet and relaxed and is graced with an adorable southern charm. Super pretty. I really like Tonya, as well.
My mother named me Taunya, pronounced the way it is spelled (not too-wahnna or twahna), after seeing Dr. Zhivago, and thinking it was a pretty name that needed a spelling upgrade to prevent confusion. My mother's name is Launa, and she passed the "au" curse to me, and by the time I had a baby I perversely liked its uniqueness and passed it on to my daughter Dauna. I saw so many sites say it meant fairy princess, even some that were supposedly for Hebrew and Arabic names, what nonsense. I prefer to think I was named after the martyred Catholic saint Tatiana, talk about someone who sticks to her principles.
The reincarnation of the main character of the anime show "The Saga of Tanya the Evil" or "Youjo Senki" is named Tanya von Degurechaff.
Tanya— a character in the “Bad girls“ novel by Jacqueline Wilson. She is Mandy White - main character‘s best friend -who protects Mandy from the bullies at school. Tanya is very bad at spelling words correctly and hates writing. Tanya is a frequent shoplifter and was forested by her guardian : Pat Williams, who has an appearance in Jacqueline Wilson‘s other novel: Dustbin baby.
Famous gaming YouTuber Tanya Bregar.
My name is Tanya, pronounced Tahn-ya. Recently someone told me I pronounce my name incorrectly. Many times people mispronounce my name and I don’t normally let it bother me. But someone telling me that I’m pronouncing or spelling my name wrong just got under my skin.
I had a Russian friend who was named Tatiana tell me my name is short for Tatiana and that she sometimes goes by Tanya spelled the same way.
My parents originally wanted to name me Tasha, however my non-English speaking paternal grandmother couldn’t pronounce it. Sometimes I wish they would have just stuck with it so I didn’t constantly get called Tan-ya.
I think, Tanya is alright! In these days not much used anymore. Just simple, nice, feminine name!
My name is Tanya, when I was younger I used to hate it. But now I'm pretty used to it. My brother calls me Tonya Tapir to tease me. I think the name is odd but cool at the same time.
Also Bulgarian, spelled Таня. You'll find numerous bearers on social media. [noted -ed]
My name is Tanya but I have a twin sister named Tonya :-) I’ve been called Tonya almost my entire life haha but it’s never bothered me. I always use the country singer Tanya Tucker as an example on how to pronounce it. I’ve only ever met one other girl named Tanya and I was so excited, it was nice to be able to share that with someone else.
I prefer Tonya but this one is pretty too.
A fictional bearer is Tanya Keys, a character in the television show "Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart". She is a bounty hunter.
My name is Tanya (pronounced Tawn-ya) and I am 19, I don’t really see it as a “vintage” name like a lot of people here do. Usually it is pronounced right (or the way I pronounce it), sometimes people say it with the short A sound but not often. People always tell me my name suits me, definitely the kind of name that needs a big/bold personality but that’s a good thing! It’s not super girly and cute but that’s not who I am at all so I like that about it. Could never see myself with a really girly name like Daisy or a more masculine sounding/unisex one like Alex, I think Tanya is a perfect middle ground.
In 2018, 36 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Tanya* who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 461st most common female first name for living U.S. citizens. *as a first name, not a nickname.
A lovely and stately name.
I love this name! It's always sounded a bit classy to me.
My name is pronounced Tan-Ya although many people do mispronounce it Tawn-ya. I'm fine with it but I will tell them the correct pronunciation if they ask. I really don't get bent out of shape about it; I do love the way my name is pronounced though. I have a friend whose name is spelled Tonya and it is pronounced Tone-Ya. She does get annoyed when people pronounce it Tahn-ya and I can kind of understand why... it's not spelled that way!I do remember reading elsewhere that it was also a derivative of Anya, but it doesn't make sense to me. I can see it being a derivative of Tatania or even Tatianna (a little) but no matter what, I love my name.Don't pay attention to others who criticize our name as being harsh sounding or unpleasant. As the prior commenter's handle suggests, opinions are like buttholes, everyone has one.
I can't believe how many people are named Tanya. It's so common and kinda ugly if you ask me... The key to a good name is as follows:1) Harsh Ts, like in TAN-ya or TAH-nya, should be rare. In most cases, it makes for an exaggerated name, and the Ts are very harsh on the mouth. 2) Nee-ya, like the sound that TaNYA presents, often indicates one who is weak, babyish and a pushover. Also heard in Dania.3)Tatiana-> Tanya? Really? Nicknames that sound nothing like the original are dumb and purely a way to make parents who regret naming their child feel better (Margaret to Daisy)
Or used when the given name does not suit the child (Richard to Dick)Go look at the name Sage. It's got a much better vibe to it, and yet it seems like it could be grouped into names like Tanya.
The name Tanya is unique and special, for people who think it's an ugly name it's really not. It's a great name and doesn't sound weird. It sounds weird at first, sure. But later on you'll realise it's a wonderful, unique name. This comment is actually supposed to be to the username - Mynameisbutthole. To show him or her that it's a great name.
My name is Tanya. I was born & raised in the western US & my mother came across it from the country music singer Tanya Tucker who pronounces it with the short A (Tan-yah). I, however, pronounce it as an O, as in Ton-ya.
I've been correcting people my entire life.
It is the Russian nickname for the name Tatiana.
I also feel it dates a person, in my opinion it seems people named Tanya were mostly born in the late 60s-mid 70s.
My name is Tanya Louise and I have grown to cherish the name my parents gave me more than 70 years ago. The name is pronounced Tan-ya. While reading in the Bible I came across God's name which is in Hebrew Yod-Hay-Vav-Hay. The Yod part is pronounced "ya" hence we have the words "Gloria" and ""Hallelujah" and "Tanya". This means that I have part of God's name in mine! Wow, bet my parents didn't have a clue.
Tanya van Graan is a South African actress, singer and model. She is known for her roles in Zulu and Starship Troopers 3: Marauder, and for being FHM's Sexiest Woman at the 2007 FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World bash held in Johannesburg.
My name is Tanja. Pronounced Tahn-ya. It was given to me via my German - born cousin. My mother is also from Germany. I, too, have been called Tawn-juh or Tawn-ha. It's rare and wonderful when someone pronounces or *gasp* spells my name correctly (even if it's literally in front of their face). I've grown to like my name, but hate the misspellings and mispronunciation. I, too, did the same with my daughter - naming her Brittney. In her case, everyone spells it Brittany or Brittaney, which is equally annoying.
My parents named me Taunya ( Tahn-ya) because they didn't want people to call me Tan-ya. Not only do people still accidentally call me Tanya, they are more often than not confused and will often pause before trying to say my name. I used to not like my name because of this fact (and the boys used to tease me and call me "Tonga- queen of the Amazons" but I truly do like my name as it is unusual and I get many compliments from both men and women about how I they think I have a beautiful and exotic name. ❤️.
Tanya Louise Turner-Federico is a fictional television character. She is the lead character on the ITV drama Footballers' Wives, and also briefly appeared on the drama Bad Girls. Tanya is portrayed by English actress Zöe Lucker and is the only character credited for the entire series from the pilot - apart from Jackie Pascoe, played by Gillian Taylforth - until its cancellation. Her role within the series changed frequently; throughout some storylines she is considered to be an antagonist whereas in others she is the main protagonist.
Tanya Callau is a producer and actress, known for Unusually Thicke, Home & Family and The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement. She was previously married to Alan Thicke.
Hello to everyone whose name is Tanya! While there are many ways to pronounce our name, it is up to us to correct people when it is mispronounced. Our mothers and/or fathers named us, and they knew how they wanted it to be pronounced. In my case, my name is pronounced Tan-ya. I see many people announcing how they hate their name being pronounced this way; believe me, I have been called Tawnia or Tonya, like many others, most of my life. Yes, it is annoying and frustrating when you correct people but they can't seem to get it. Such is life, I suppose. Like my mother, I named my daughter a name that is always mispronounced. I didn't mean to do so; however, people always pronounce my daughter's name as Brittney not her given name, Brittany (Britt-any: like Tiffany or Stephany). Hers is a little more tolerable for her and close enough that she doesn't ever correct anyone. As a mother, I have asked if she would correct people, but she is comfortable with society dictating how it her name "should be pronounced." I say, let's all love the name our mothers and/or fathers gave to us. And, also, suggest we shall always educate people to ask us first how to pronounce our name properly if they mispronounce it at first. Love to all... Tanya.
Tanya Tucker (b. 1958), famous country singer.
My name is Tanja pronounced Tahn-yah... My mom wanted to name me Tatiana.. but my dad, who was German wanted the German spelling. I have always hated my name. People always want to pronounce it different ways. I get called Tan-Ja, and Hispanics always want to say Tahn-Ha. My nickname is T. J or Teej. It's just annoying, but I have gotten to the point where I will just answer to whatever, lol.
The name Tanya was given to 104 girls born in the US in 2015.
There's an alternative folk band called the Be Good Tanya's. I just recently discovered them, don't know much about them, but the songs of theirs that I've heard are *really* good and catchy!
I pronounce my name Tan-ya, as in the United States pronunciation should be. I am often called Tonya and do not like it at all. As for those saying they hate the name, or it is trashy and not classy... I get compliments on my name all the time. It is very unusual in the United States. Tonya is very common, but Tanya is not. I was born in 1975 and have only personally known 1 other person who spelled and pronounced their name the same as I do. I know Tanya Tucker is a famous person with that name and can't count the times people would reference her when I said my name... lol.
Russian pronunciation is TAHN-yah.
This is my name - Tanya - it has ALWAYS been pronounced Tan Ya (just like that) I do not care for "Tonya" pronunciation, but I don't get all bent out of shape if someone says it that way. My parents are Russian and it just so happens that I, my sister, and brother, were all named after the Russian Royal Romonov family, brutally killed at the hands of their captors. Yes - the name certainly does mean "Fairy Princess" it is a derivative of both Tatiana (Russian version of Tanya) and Titania (Old-English - Saxon version). Titania was the other name for Queen Mab and therefore Tanya means Fairy Princess. It has also been the given name of many Russian and Ukrainian Royals with the derivative of Tatiana. Also, the person, who had stated a bad slur against the name in the comments sounds jealous and petty. Please do not make nasty comments about other people's names, whether you had a bad experience with a Tanya previously or not. One could say the same about your name as well.
My mom's name was Tanya pronounced like tah-nya not taw-nya. I always thought they were two different names. I like her name better. I'm glad she didn't find out her name doesn't mean fairy queen before she died but she wouldn't have believed it anyways.
A famous bearer of this name is Taniya Nayak, a designer who appeared in Restaurant: Impossible. (Though it's spelled slightly differently, it's the same name.)
Tanya Sloan was the Yellow Ranger in the TV series Power Rangers Zeo, and the first Yellow Ranger in Power Rangers Turbo.
I love the name Tanya. It's gorgeous and classy. C;
I was told that my name means princess/queen of the fairies and that's what a lot of other websites told me all my life and I'm really pissed off because IVE BEEN LIED TO my whole life and I'm really upset that it doesn't mean that... and if anyone calls me tonya I will die and hate them! Don't call me Tonya, its TANYA that's why there's an A, not an O- gosh!
First I used to hate my name. Now I like it.
Occasionally I will get someone mispronouncing it. The "americanized" way, Tan-ya. It is a Russian name, there is no short a sound in the Russian language. Also there is no Russian spelling Tonya. If Tonya was used it would be be pronounced Tone - ya and would rhyme with Sonya.
It means "daughter" in Sanskrit.
The name Tanya was given to 202 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
This is the middle name of singer Nicki Minaj whose real name is Onika Tanya Maraj.
Tanya sounds nice in Russian, but it's more of a chav name in English.
I love the name Tanya, I also like the other form Tonya. A very pretty name. I'd consider this name if I ever have a daughter.
My name is Tatiana. I get tons of complements on it, but it's difficult to shorten. I refuse to go by Tanya since people would definitely say TAN-ya, which I don't like at all. I don't care for it with a long vowel either, for that matter. People give me all sorts of stupid nick names though like Toddy and Tati (Ta-tee). Oh well! Most people just call me by my full name.
I much prefer the Tonya spelling over Tanya. The other spelling of Tonya is much prettier. It means Priceless.
Special Agent Tanya Adams was a character in the video game Command & Conquer: Red Alert and Red Alert 2.
My name is Tanya, and I pronounce it like Tonya. A lot of people either pronounce it wrong, or spell it wrong. Someone once pronounced my name as Tainya, and someone has spelled it like Toyna. I don't see how it is that hard to spell it. :P Sometimes pronouncing might be hard.
I think the name is ok. It sounds prettier as Tatiana.
Tanya is a fundamental text of Chabad Chassidic philosophy, written by the movement’s founder, Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi in the 18th century. 'Tanya' is the first word of the book, which is also called Likkutei Amarim ("Collected Discourses") and Sefer shel Beinonim ("The Book of the Intermediates").
There are many orgins and meanings to this name. Tanya was derived from Tatiana. Which has meaning of saints name and also a Fairy Queen. Other names related to this is Tania and Tonya.
Tanya was the alias used by Patty Hearst during her time with the Symbionese Liberation Army. (You younger folks may have to look that one up)
I knew a lady from Finland and her name was spelt Tanja, I like it with the J better.
Tanya Roberts played Midge on "That 70's Show" for three years.
This is my name. I followed the history of the name to Titus an Etruscan king before Romulous -- this may or may not be true. Contrary to many name books Tanya DOES NOT mean fairy princess. Tatiana was the name of the fairy princess in Shakespeares "Midsummers Nights Dream," and I believe that this is where the impression that this name means fairy princess came from.
The name of the fairy queen in Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream is Titania, not Tatiana.
My name is pronounced "Tahn-ya" I have always thought that it would be better spelled "Tawnia OR Tawnya" I do not like the spelling "Tonya" because to me, that is "Toen ya"
Famous bearer is Tanya Tucker. (Tan-ya)
Tanya is the name of Fievel's sister in Fievel Goes West.
My name is Tanya. I pronounce it "Tonya". I find it really annoying when people pronounce it TAN-ya. I read the other comments and figured I'd add one myself. Never really liked my name because when I was younger I was made fun of because of my name. They called me Petunia. You think that would seem bad since it's a beautiful flower but I didn't like it.
I think it's a lovely name, but that could just be because it's my mother's name. She gets upset when people try to call her "Tonya", which is the common pronunciation but hers is pronounced just as it is spelled: TAN-ya. It just flows from your mouth like a song.
The meaning of Tanya is God's Gift.

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