Hello, my name is Tarina. I love my name and have always thought of it as unique. I don't really know anyone with the same name. It's so great to see the meaning of my name in other places. So touching.
My name is is Tarina and I also disliked it as a child, but love it now. It's pronounced Tah-ree-nuh. Mom said she heard it in a movie in the early 60's.
My name is Tarina
I didn't like my name as a child because it was uncommon and people would mispronounce my name all the time. So to avoid having people say my name wrong I started just saying call me Trina which I dislike as well, but it was more to help people say my name than for me. But I'd rather use Trina than Katrina. My mom said she saw an actress in a movie in the 60's or 70's, not sure the movie's name but that's where she saw the name.
When I asked my mother where the name Tarina came from, she explained that in the mid 80's she was an avid Dungeons and Dragons player, and that Tarina was the name of her favorite character that she used and the character was a powerful sorceress. So I always thought that was cool and I tell people that story when they ask about my name. I had no idea that it means 'story' or 'fictional story' in Finnish. Ireland also defines Tarina as Hill. I usually do not go by my full first name. I prefer Tari (pronounced Terry) from friends and family. As far as I know, two children have been named after me because the name is so beautiful. I really like my very rare and unique name.
My name actually is Tarina so I suppose my parents weren't sane as suggested by one? It's actually pronounced Tar-ena.
Stunning, stunning name. I've never ever heard of it before. I'm so happy to have discovered this name! (:
In Ireland Tarina means hill and is a variation of Tara. I love my name now that I'm older. I pronounce it Tuh-ree-nuh.
Pretty, rare, and a beautiful meaning.
Can you ask for anything else?
Tarina is a beautiful, sexy name!

Tarina is a perfectly legitimate name in Finland, though not very common. It has been used through all of the 20th century and this decade hasn't so far shown any notable drop in its popularity.
This is actually a very pretty name despite sounding made up and everything. In Finnish, this word means 'story', as in a fictional story. It wouln't be used as a name by any sane person, and I don't think it would even be legal here, but the pronunciation of the word is ''TUH-ri-nah'', and that would sound nice enough for this name, as well as ''TA-ri-nah'' would. The name could even be turned into Tarinna and pronounced with a short and stressed ''e'' sound, and it would be nice.
Tarina could also be used as a short form of Catarina or Katarina, variant versions of Catherine, which mean `pure` in Greek.
The jeweler Tarina Tarantino is a famous bearer.
Tarina means 'story' in Finnish. Very pretty name.

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