Tatton could refer to tatted lace. This is only a possibility, but tatting is to make lace or rugs by tying knots. Thus, Tatton could mean 'town were they tat', which would imply a location where a lot of tatted products came from. The root Tata's Town, could also have something to do with the root 'to tat' or 'tit for tat', which was 'to exchange evenly'. Most references to 'tit for tat' (also 'tip for tat') point out that it means 'revenge, an eye for an eye, blow for a blow' but it could likely just mean 'even exchange'. So a town where there was a 'fair trade', like a market town, could have had that kind of meaning in its name. Just my surmises on the possible origin for the name.
― Anonymous User  1/16/2017

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