I love my name, it's not spelled like the others but all of us have a beautiful name.
This could be a really cute dog name.
Every time I hear this name, I think of Barbie’s horse.
Sounds like a girl with mousey hair and blue eyes who just wears skinny fit jeans all the time and tries to be cool.
Who remembers the children's book THE TAWNY SCRAWNY LION? I've always loved my name. It sounds so beautiful and its uncommon.
Tawny means "green field" in Irish, "Light brown/honey color" in English and "little one" in Native American. It can also mean "princess" "strong one" "pretty" etc. There are many translations for the name "Tawny" in various cultures all around the world with various spellings. Growing up with the name Tawny, I only received compliments on the name. As a child I was hoping for a more common name; as an adult I've grown to love and embrace my unique name. Finding out the origin of the name brings me joy. I am descendant of Irish and Native Americans, so it makes me feel closer to my ancestors. It's a lovely and cute name, and I'm happy to have been named Tawny!
Sounds like a horse's name. I don't like it on a person.
One of the earliest examples of the use of Tawny as a given name is for the title character of Donald Henderson Clarke's novel "Tawny", first published in 1936.
I'm sorry if this is your name but it sounds like a pole dancer, stripper, or porn star name. Of course Tawny has a mane of Tawny hair streaked with blonde.
I think Tawny is a pretty name. You don't hear it too often and I agree with another poster- it sounds Indian.
My horse is named Tawny. She is beautiful inside and out, a chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail. I find all of the negative comments offensive on behalf of my horse and the human Tawnys.
I'll admit that I've never been fond of the name, but I always liked how unnique it made me feel. I know I shouldn't be taking offense to the opinions of the name, because you're just talking about the name and not one particular Tawny. But, even though I give my name a rough time, I'm still fond of it. I'm also glad that there isn't some huge history with the name and we Tawny's can make it the most amazing name in the world.
Sounds like the name of a ditzy, bleach-blonde Playboy model.
My name is Tawny and it may not be the most prettiest name but it is rare for someone to have a name like this. I mean when do you come around and hear someone have the name Tawny and I would rather have Tawny as a name than a most common name that everyone has. And the people who are saying this name is ugly and any other mean comment are extremely rude. I know it's your opinion but it's not right to say that you dislike this name cause it sounds slutty.
A lot of these comments are extremely rude. My name is Tawny and I always get complimented on my name. Also, this website says to leave a useful comment about the name, and saying that it sounds slutty isn't useful at all.
Love, love, LOVE this name. It reminds me of "fawn", which is my favorite animal, it's cute, and not particularly common, which just makes me love it even more.
For some reason, this name reminds me of a blonde cheerleader type girl. It's not the most intelligent sounding name. Although I have to say, it's loads better than Ashley or Brittany.
For the benefit of American Tawnys, when you go to England people will pronounce this to sound sort of like TORN-ee, as in the word 'torn', but with less emphasis on the R.
Tawny is a type of owl.
Tawny is a cute name - I really like it! I think it would be best as a middle name though.
This name actually sounds quite nice in my English accent, it's spunky and cute, but still a little immature for a grown woman.
A tawny owl is a type of owl. It is all different shades of brown and black, with white feathers around the eyes. Very pretty.
I think this name would only sound right in an English accent. Us Americans over here would probably make it sound trashy instead of elegant.
I read it's also a Gypsy name meaning "little one".
I can't say I find this name very pretty or pleasant-sounding, especially with a Southern drawl that makes it sound nasal and like ''TAAH-nee''. I've gotten the impression that this is actually more of a redneck name anyway, and it makes me picture a worn out-looking young woman in far too youthful and tight clothes who speaks in an annoying nasal drawl.
Tawny is an Irish name meaning a green field; the warm sandy color of a lion's coat.
A famous bearer is Tawny Kitaen, model and actress. I find it strange that her first name is made up but her last name is real (born Julie Kitaen).
I love this name! It's beautiful. Almost sounds like an Indian name.
Tawny Cypress is the name of the actress who plays Simone Deveaux on the T.V. show "Heroes".

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