This name is not my cup of Tea.
Tea is also Finnish and Estonian.
Usages: Hungarian

Pronunciation: teh-YAH

Meaning: Short form of DOROTEA and GALATEA.Cognate of THEA.Means "Tea" in hungarian.

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This name would be so cute for a southern girl! Especially if her nickname was Sweet Tea!
It would look better spelt Teya (in the English language if you are planning to call your English daughter Tea)
Lovely! I would call her Tea (like the good beverage) as a nickname.
It's pronounced Teh-ah fyi you haters.
Tea is also commonly used in the country of Georgia, where it is written as თეა. [noted -ed]

- (in Georgian)
-|by=%E1%83%97 (in Georgian)
- (in Georgian; scroll down to the entry for Tea)
- Tea Tsulukiani (b. 1975), a Georgian politician who is the current Minister of Justice: (in English)
- Tea Sukhitashvili (b. 1993), a Georgian athlete: (in Georgian)
- Tea Tsetskhladze (1919-1989), a Georgian chemist and physicist: (in Georgian)

You might also want to perform an exact search on Google with only the keywords "Tea" + "ge.linkedin", which will turn up all the Georgian bearers that have allowed for their LinkedIn account to be available on Google. The same principle applies to Facebook, although I would pair the name with that of a major Georgian city on there (such as "Tbilisi" or "Batumi"), lest the search results get too cluttered with non-Georgian bearers.
Sorry, it's not my cup of tea.
This would be funny in an English-speaking country. This name does sound pretty though.
Also a Hungarian short form of Dorottya, Teodóra and Terézia: --- mentions Tea
You'll find various bearers on social media.
TeaLynn Adamson is a dancer known for starring on “Dance Moms” with her Mom, Tami.
Maybe all you people should stop drinking Tea altogether.
In Italy Tea was used in 2016 for 94 babies while in 1999 were only 21. I think it will reach the Top 200 in a few years.
I always think of the Yu-Gi-Oh character when I think of this name, and my mind can't help but go to the names-after-drinks bandwagon. Which actually makes me want to legitimately name a character Lemonade or Coffee. Yes, yes, I'm already going to hell, thank you.
My name is Tea, and it's pronounced TAY-UH, although there are people who pronounced it TEE-AH too. I'm actually English as well, sooo yeah (and I don't have a brother named Coffee ;) ) I've never really been teased about my name before, and I personally think it's kind of pretty! It also has two meanings: "wild rose" and "gift of god/goddess". If you're also named Tea, I think you have a pretty nice name, so don't be sad! The people making fun of your name are probably all named "Agalflaf" or "Bumbklen" or something.
My name is Tea. That's beautiful and a lovely name.
Just don't have Potts as the surname!
A character from One Life to Live, Tea Delgado, bears this name. Her real name is Florencia Lozano.
It's Pronounced Téa, It is not a drink. (Tay-uh) My name is Téa and it is not like the drink. ):(
My name actually is Tea and I think is a beautiful name.
A historic site Hill of Tara in Ireland is named after an ancient Irish pagan king Eremon's wife Tea. Here is a link to the artickel:
It's actually Thea.
Pronounced TAY-uh, spelled Téa if you're in the US. I was told that it's French Polynesian in origin. Mom saw it on a travel brochure for Tahiti. It's the Tahitian word for "light", with a French spelling. It's my name, and yes, I get mispronunciations and jokes about coffee from people who think they're clever all the time.
Pronounced as Tay-uh!

Get that already, people.
My name is Tea and I'm Croatian. It's pronounced like TE-ah, not TEE. It's not even close to how we say Tea (čaj), although I, as a Tea lover, don't mind people getting confused :)
There are two meanings for this name, one is "wild rose", and the other is "gift of god" (since Tea is a short form of Dorotea which means the same thing).
Téa (Italian origins) is pronounced Tay-Ah.
My name is Tea and I'm from Slovenia.:) I really like my name a lot, it's actually one of my favourites, so I'm very glad my parents named me Tea.;)Nobody's ever teasing me because of it here, cause it doesn't even mean or pronounce "Tea". Actually it doesn't mean anything here - it's simply a name. Maybe only some ignorant native English speaking people somewhere on internet, who come across this name, try to tease me with coffee and stuff (haha those English speakers:D), but I just smile and let them have fun. I don't feel offended or anything, cause I'm very proud of my name. And that's it!;) Peace!
Téa Obreht, author of “The Tiger’s Wife.”.
There is also a name "Teea" in Finland (though it's quite rare - I've never met any other Teea's with two e's) - it's pronounced the same way than Tea, so the difference is only in writing form.
It's not an English name. It says right there- Usage: Scandinavian, Finnish, Slovene, Croatian. Many languages would pronounce it as two syllables, excluding English (and it isn't even consistent). Any jokes about her twin being named Coffee aren't clever or funny.
Anyway, I think it's too simple as a full name.
Argh, ignorant English speaking people!

The name Tea is a perfectly normal name. Like said above, the drink is called Te in European countries - at least it is in Denmark. This is a two syllable name, a variation of Thea (which in Denmark has a silent h, has the same pronunciation and therefore is the exact same name) and therefore it has nothing to do with any kinds of hot drinks.
The name is also used in Estonia.
It is not pronounced "TEE", like a drink! Some people from English-speaking countries have to realize that you just can't pronounce some names like that. It is pronounced TAY-uh or TEH-ah (Croatian pronunciation). Before you post comments such as: "Christ, what has this world come to?, This is a drink, not a name. It's like having coffee as a name" inform yourself on the subject you're commenting. I know a few girls named Tea, and they are not teased or anything. World isn't made up just of native English speakers.
Also a girls' name in Croatia. [noted -ed]
This word is NOT pronounced like the drink. It's basically pronounced like the name Thea. You don't pronounce that [TEE], do you?
It's pronounced kind of like [T-AY-A], but the end of [AY] is not really there.
[to English-speaking people: I KNOW I'm making no sense xD you just have to come to Estonia or go to Finland and listen to people who know how to pronounce it]
An alternate spelling option is Teea. I saw it in a baby name book.
I prefer the spelling Tia.
And her twin brother can be coffee.
Sigh. You are not naming a child after a drink. In the Scandinavian languages, the word for "tea" is "te". The name is pronounced TEE-ah or TAY-ah. This is simply a variant of Thea. It's not a variant of CHOCOLATE.
TEA? TEA? Wha-? What kind of a name is this? I mean, I've heard of kids being named after drinks, but this? Christ, what has this world come to?
This name will cause too much teasing throughout life.
The name is pronounced TAY-UH. Not Tea as in the drink. Although you can pronounce it that way. That wouldn't be the correct pronunciation.
I look at this name and think of iced tea. If you want the name to sound like TEE-ah, then you should spell it Tia.
Also a girls name in Slovenia.
If Tea was the name of a triplet, the other would be Coffee and the other one would be Hot Chocolate.
This name is pronounced "TEE-ah". Not the same as the drink called tea.
Actress, Tea Leoni is a famous bearer.
This is a drink, not a name. It's like having coffee as a name.
It's not an English name, so it isn't the same as Tea. It's not Tia either, not at least in Finland. I'm not sure about Swedish, because I don't speak real Swedish (rikssvenska).
And the version Teea is used, but it is rarer.
Arsenal football player Thiere Henry's daughter is called this and when he scores he celebrates with a tribute by crossing his fingers in a 'T' shape for her.
I used to know a girl with this name who spelt it Téa (with the accent over the E) and pronounced it TAY-uh. A famous bearer is actress Téa Leoni.
There is a character in the popular anime Yu-Gi-Oh with the name Tea.

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