Teo is also Slovene. [noted -ed]
Also Finnish name. Finnish name day November 9.
Teo is also *very* commonly used in the country of Georgia, where it is written as თეო. [noted -ed]

However, there is a small catch: the name is strictly feminine there, even though technically the etymology is exactly the same (!).

The name is both a variant of თეა (Tea) and a short form of feminine names that start with Teo-, such as თეოლინე (Teoline) and თეონა (Teona). In other words: the name is basically a short form of all feminine names that contain the Greek element θεός (theos) meaning "god".

For more information, please see:

- (in Georgian)
-|by=%E1%83%97 (in Georgian)
- (in Georgian; scroll down to the entry for Teo)
- (in Georgian; this is about the name)
- Teona "Teo" Gardapkhadze (b. 1983): (in English)
- Teo Tlashadze (b. 1973), a Georgian politician: and (both in Georgian)

You might also want to perform an exact search on Google with only the keywords "Teo" + "ge.linkedin", which will turn up all the Georgian bearers that have allowed for their LinkedIn account to be available on Google. The same principle applies to Facebook, although I would pair the name with that of a major Georgian city on there (such as "Tbilisi" or "Batumi"), lest the search results get too cluttered with non-Georgian bearers.
Also a nickname of Matteo in Italian.
I would name one of my sons this name. I personally love this name! I will use Teo Lucas, Teo Joesph, or Teo Ryan.
Teo Halm, an actor in the movie "Earth to Echo" bears the name.
I love Teo. Although I do like Theo as well, it sounds more lispy. I love that Teo doesn't have that problem. I believe it is a nice handsome, strong name.
TEH-o is the Croatian pronunciation. [noted -ed]
The Teo I met pronounced it Tay-oh.

I like this name.
Used for boys in Croatia, where it's a diminutive of Teodor (or also Mateo, but usually the former).
I love this name! It's so handsome, uncommon & a great alternative to Leo. While I dislike Theo, Teo is gorgeous! On its own, or as a nickname for other names such as Matteo, Teodor/e, etc.

Also, it could work on either gender, on a girl, it would be very cool, especially as a nickname for Teodora.
Also a boys name in Slovenia.

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