SUCCINCT & SPARKLY. How so, you ask.Well the combination of the T and the ESS make this name Lively and Bright then add to that the monosyllabic quality & *VOILÀ* you have a crystal clear name with a frank and stimulating prettiness.
Fresh, underused, beautiful and sweet yet strong and refined.
A better variant of Tessa.
Tessa sounds modern and girly to me, but Tess is classic and elegant. I will imagine Tess as a sensitive, educated one but Tessa as a kind of ignorant one, I am sorry. Tess is one of the few such simple names I like. I prefer it to Theresa and Therese. But it is associated deeply with Tess of the D’Urbervilles, who is too miserable.
Women with this name are usually difficult. They think they're Queen Sh** even if they came from a trailer park. It reminds me of Tess of the D'Urbervilles, a poor peasant woman with a checkered past who was hanged for murder. Her father told her their ancestors were nobility and it went to her head. Then there's that overrated novelist who hides behind her husband's Dutch last name to sell more books. People with this name always think they're better than others.
Tess Monaghan is the private eye protagonist of a popular series of detective novels by Laura Lippman. As of this date, there have been 12 novels in the series.
My name is also Tess and people always used to call me tessa.
The name Tess was given to 227 girls born in the US in 2015.
In 2014 (USA) 233 baby girls were given Tess.
My sister's name is Tess and I get wicked annoyed when people call her Tessa. Her full name is Tess; it is not short for anything. But I love the name and it seems to be getting more popular because there are more Tess' as characters in movies or books.
One of my favorite monosyllabic names; it sounds strong, as if there's more to it, but it needs nothing else. Strikes me as dignified, but also fun. I prefer it to Tessa, which is okay.
My full name is Tess (not short for anything), but my mom told me that she named me Tess after all of the older Jewish women in her neighborhood who went by "Tess" and "Tessie." Theresa/Therese is a Christian name, but some Jews are named Tess as a short form of Esther.
The full name of Tess Durbeyfield in Tess of the d'Urbervilles is Teresa, if I remember correctly. I really like the name Tess. It's beautiful.
Iam quite the opposite of a lot of you. My name is Tessa and I have always hated it when people besides my family have called me Tess. Teachers and classmates always immeditaly shorten my name. Funny thing is it annoyed my best friends too "What, they can't say your full name? It's not that hard!" And nobody had a name like mine which was kind of good and bad. People would actually call me Teresa thinking its my full name. I have many nicknames. My fav being Tessie, Tesser, and Tesla. The last one was going to be my real name. I had always felt like Tess was a nickname not a whole name but there were so many people with the name but none really with mine. Which leads in to why it kind of irritates me. Then I learn that the only origins it has is being derived from Tessa. Tessa is Greek and means fourth child, a Tessalation, or a harvester.
Tess is an absolutely beautiful name. I loved the character Tess of the d'Urbervilles but the book is so striking and sad that I will forever associate the name with poor Tessy.
Tess Tyler is a character is the 2008 Disney Channel movie 'Camp Rock' and its 2010 sequel. She is portrayed by Meaghan Jette Martin (1992-present).
My name is Theresa and I get called Rhysse (Reese) all the time and I love it. I also get called Tess, although I like Rhysse better, I also like being called Tess. It's a great name that isn't too common, but not so uncommon no one knows what to make of it.
This is one of my nicknames, though in my case it's short for Destiny. I'm rather indifferent towards it, to be honest. I'm not against calling a kid Tess, though I do find it a bit minimalist.
English television presenter Tess Daly is a famous bearer.
Tess Taylor is on E!'s Pretty Wild.
Cute, but Tess by itself is a bit too short for a first name. The story of Tess of the D'Urbervilles is also quite sad (then again, so is Romeo and Juliet, and that hasn't stopped people from naming their daughters Juliet).
Although my name is Tessa, I go by Tess. I don't know why but I think the name Tess is prettier than Tessa. But if you're going to name your child Tess, think about naming her Tessa and using Tess as a nickname. :)
I, since my name is Tess, hope to read Tess of The D'ubervilles one day when I'm older. I heard what it is about and I think it's interesting. The name Tess is simple, short and it usually fits people named Tess. It sounds kind of funny when you think about it though. :-)
My name is Tess, and I love that name but the only problem is that whenever a teacher says the word test, they all look at me, or the teacher rhymes my name like, "Tess is going to take the test and so is all the rest." But, that's also where I got my nickname Tessanator. :-)
It sounds like a dog's name, like the rhyming Bess.
To be honest, I hate this name. It makes me think of annoying and immature, superficial British women. I hope no one with the surname of Tickle ever names their daughter this, ha ha.
I once knew a girl whose mother named her "Temptress." She got a LOT of unwanted attention and now goes by the name of Tess. I always think of her when I think "Tess".
I love this name, but for some reason I don't like the name Tessa. I guess because my name is Tess and it just doesn't sound right with that extra "a" on the end. But anyways, Tess is a lovely, simple, short and unique name for a girl.
Tess is one of the main characters in the famous Australian TV series "McLeod's Daughters".
Tess is a beautiful name. Tess of the D'ubervilles was a beautifully written story with an amazing protagonist. Tess is a very poor country girl, but even worse she is extremely beautiful. This attracts unwanted attention from suitors and she ends up being raped and inpregnated. At one point in the story she shaves her eyebrows and wears a veil over her face to discourage people from looking at her. I was always under the impression that, in this story, Tess was short for Contessa. Maybe I was wrong.
This is one of my best friend's little sister's names! I absolutely love it! People call her Tessie a lot too. The name Tessa kind of bothers me for some reason but Tess doesn't, which is a bit odd. There is a woman who is writing a book and naming the character based on me Tess. I doubt that it will ever get finished but the gesture is nice.
Tess Harding Craig is the name of Katharine Hepburn's character in 'Woman of the Year'.
There is an author named Tess Gerritsen.
Being a Tess myself I've always been fairly fond of the name. Though I have to say the book 'Tess of the D'Ubervilles' really did flaw my view on the name.
There is a TESS in Touched By an Angel. I like this name, simple but pretty.
Melanie Griffith played a character called Tess McGill in the 80's romantic comedy Working Girl. She had a head for business and a body for sin.
My name is Tess, and it is not a short form of Theresa. It is a rather uncommon name to have as a full name.

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