Thierry is Therese's brother, Mad Cowgirl movie, 2006.
This does seem unique for a girl, paired with a very trendy girl’s name.
I have a friend called Thierry and everyone calls him "tee-air-ree" but he has to tell them it's "teary".
Pronunciation on here is wrong, should sound more like this [noted -ed]
I thought it was pronounced "tee-air-REE." I like it better pronounced that way, too...
Any time I've heard Thierry Henri's name pronounced, it's been tee-ERR-ee.
There is a character in L.J. Smiths Nightworld series named Thierry.

I always read it as 'theory', too.
I do like Thierry, especially after I read a book (I think it was 'Dragon'? Can't remember, sorry). But one problem is that I kept saying "theory". :/
My name is Thierry and I'm a girl and my name is pronounced like theory.
Thierry Mugler is a well known French couturier, but is most famous for his fragrances.
French football player Thierry Henri is a famous player.

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