I use this as a nickname for Santiago.
Tiago Uriel Pacheco (born 2001), known by his stage name 'Tiago PZK' or even simply 'Tiago' is an Argentine rapper.
Also Spanish
I love this name! It has a great meaning, sounds great, and I can think of good nicknames.
In 2016 Tiago was used for 79 babies in Italy, the highest number since national statistics (1999).
Tiago is more used in Portugal and Thiago in Brazil. They are all cognates of my name after all. The original version in the bible is always Yaacov (Jacob/James).
Tiago Rafael Maia Silva is a Portuguese footballer who plays for C.F. Os Belenenses as an attacking midfielder.
Pronounced tee-A-goo ([tiˈaɣu] in IPA) in European Portuguese. In Brazil the pronunciation is chee-A-goo ([tʃiˈaɡu]) however there the more common spelling is Thiago.
The name is more actually a Portuguese form of James / Jacob. Saint James was originally called 'Santo Iago', which became 'Sant'Iago (Santiago)' and finally 'São Tiago'. [noted -ed]

The name was always rare in Portugal but was revived in the 1970's or so and it exploded in popularity. Nowadays it's probably one of the most common names among young Portuguese man. It's also popular in Brazil, where it is often (and erroneously) spelt 'Thiago'.
This is my favorite Portuguese boy's name. And all the Tiagos I've met so far are kind, very funny and handsome.
I love the name Tiago. =] I know someone who is part of a circus who's called it, I think it fits the role quite well. =]
Tiago in Latin Jacobus also means the one who works the stones. Biblically it is assumed that Jacobus was blood related to Jesus.
I've heard somewhere that Tiago's meaning (the same as the other variants, like Thiago, Thyago, Tyago, Thiaggo, and many others) is "the one who helps the others", "the strongest one", "the one who progresses", "the one that makes improvements", "the one who wins". And like the other variants in other languages (for example James) Tiago (and all variants) gets the meaning of "God's Heel", "God's Warrior", "God's Left-Hand", "God's Creativity".

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