I have been Amara all my life. I am an agender ace (it's a LGBT term) demifeline and lesbian for those who are more advanced in LGBTQIA+ I'm neptuic plutoin demifelingender and ace either way, whether you use simple labels or the big ones my name isn't me it has never ever been me I looked in my heart to an animal I have adored since I was 1 and I knew what my name should be. Look, I'm weird and I'm a lot and I have nothing I can really choose but I want my name to fit me so I'm legally changing it to Tiger cause a name has to be who you are not what you are or what others want but it has to be you, and Tiger has been the name I've used for years now. Hate me, idrc but that's me and this is my name hear me ROAR! Cause you can help me down but I'll get up already brushing off ur dust. Hear my voice hear it loud like thunder gonna shake the ground cause I am the eye of the Tiger I am the fire and you can't change who I am.
This name is best for a cat.
It's just not nice and doesn't seem a stable, mature name. I don't like it!
I think this name could be unisex. I think so because in Italian, Spanish and Portuguese the word "tigre" is considered as a feminine noun.
No, in Portuguese & Spanish the word tigre is masculine. Also, the fact that it's feminine in other language(s) doesn't make it a feminine name in English.
This is a hella awesome name!
I can only imagine this name on a cat or a nickname for a baby / young child.
Hell no, this is my cat's name.
Helllll yeah.
Nice for a cat, but not a person.
Tora is a name meaning Tiger in Japanese, but I can't find another name meaning Tiger in Japanese :L
Mentally I wanted to find any other names meaning Tiger for my oc, but in naruto there's already a sign meaning TORA.
I named my cat Tiger! It's a cute name and it fits him perfectly! I think it could kind of work for a human too, so if you like this name then go for it!.
This would be good as a middle name.
7 female Tigers were born in 2018. Rawr!
Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence, (b. July 22, 1996) is the daughter of Australian rock singer Michael Hutchence and his wife American actress Paula Yates.
I know that girls should have flower names and boys should have animal names but I think girls can have both because anything could fit a girl. I like the kind tigers and tigers with unusual colors. My favorite combo is Tiger-Lilly. This name is pretty cool!
Better than Panther as a name, but still silly.
Well, my name is Tigran and in Armenia it is known to have a Persian origin. I suppose it has something to do with Tiger. What's more, there have been some kings who ruled before Christ who had the same name; one of them was known to be Tigran The Great who was in power from 95-55 BC.
I named my son Tiger. I was hesitant at first but am now so glad that I did. It's unique to western culture, true, but although not common still not nearly so "weird" to other cultures (E.g. Thai. Chinese -Mandarin 'milk' name- and India. ).

Hmmm... did I just group together more than 50% of the worlds population in one sweep there? Thus reminding us all that our western culture and its naming conventions are fairly small in comparison? LOL Besides, at the rate my son is growing we are estimating he will be well over 6', he is ethnically a bit of a mixture and he is a fairly confident outgoing person. Tiger suits him.

I'd encourage others to use it as Ive had nothing but positive responses from people. Some very surprised reactions, to be sure, but still all positive. Besides - who said everyone HAS to like your child's name? It's not the end of the world if some simply don't, surely? :-)
I named my son Tyger 14 years ago. He loves his name and everyone thinks it's the coolest. It fits him well.
The name Tiger was given to 28 boys born in the US in 2015.
I love the name Tiger! I knew a boy with that name when I was young and I always found it cool, interesting, and unique.
Tiger is such an amazing name! This name does not deserve hate. It's beautiful for a girl, handsome for a boy and strong for both genders. 10/10! =D.
I agree with the last comment. I named my son Tyger. I just love it and so does pretty much everyone else, except for the odd person that will have something to say and personally, I do NOT care in the least. Everyone is naming their children with all different names these days. This name now suits my son well :) It's funny because up until I was 6/7 months pregnant, we were going to name my son Zayden, but we chose Tyger as this spur of the moment thing and I couldn't love it more now! :) because everyone's doing the 'ayden' names - Aiden, Jayden, Kayden, Hayden etc.
Also, I think it could be a lovely name for a girl as well and Tiger-Lilly just sounds beautiful too!
I have a 14 year old daughter called Tiger-Lillie, no other name would have suited her. Her friends love it, she often gets Tigz or Tigger, only judgemental people comment. I have three girls with beautiful and unusual names.
I agree with the comment everyone will have their own opinion of the name depending on their personal lives/people they've come across. And even because we all have different personalities and interests. Some people prefer more traditional names that others may consider boring and typical. No one should judge anyone, or even tease another for their name, if people are going to taunt, they're just not the best characters themselves and you don't even want their friendship. In my opinion I like the name Tiger. I grew up with a unique name, my kids have unique names, the people that did tease me ended up lonely, odd characters, unemployed with no family of their own.
Love this name for a boy or girl. Some people obviously may associate it with Tiger woods, Richmond Tigers or the animal, but for a name I like the sound of it. Every parent should be able to name their child without judgement unless it is something ridiculous or too outrageous. This is fine for a name. Everyone will have an opinion, can't please everyone and if this is what you want to name your child go for it. I would consider naming my child this, I want my child to be a unique, strong, confident character.
I love the name Tiger for a boy! This is a name that my husband came up with himself. By his last name being "Woods" not even because of the famous golfer. Tiger would mean for our son, that he was born to be strong and courageous, like his mother and father, he would be brave, bold, & intelligent, he will be DIFFERENT... Also accomplish great things.
Tyger Drew-Honey, an English actor.
I named my son Tiger 14 years ago, and he loves his name, all his friends think it is a cool name, I once had someone ask me why have you named him after a big wild animal? To which I replied I could ask you why you named your daughter after a prickly bush (Holly) I think she got the point. I have no regrets there are so many unusual names and I already know several other Tigers and they are all boys.
The German actor Til Schweiger named his daughter Emma Tiger in 2002.
What the heck? I know that just because a name is on here doesn't mean it's given to real people, but come on! Who would be ridiculous enough to name their son Tiger?! Not even Tiger woods's real name is Tiger! I can't even begin to fathom someone actually naming their son (or daughter, WTF?!?!?!?!?) this.
Famous bearer is Tyger Drew-Honey (born Lindzi James Tyger Drew-Honey), a teen actor from Surrey. I think the name is nice, but I also think that you should only name your son Tiger if your sure he's going to be very strong and masculine, I would also suggest that if you name your son this you give them a common middle name like James or William so they have a choice to go by a more common name if they dislike their first. I also prefer the spelling 'Tyger':)
I see Tiger being used for more girls than boys.

It seems rather comical to me; I can't help thinking of "Go get 'em, Tiger!"
I do like tigers, but Tiger as a name is pathetic. It doesn't sound like a name. And the association with Tiger Woods is rather negative, especially considering the recent scandal involving him.
Well, it's better than 'Panda'. Ugh.
I don't mind this name but for some reason it sounds a bit more feminine to my ears. I actually prefer Tigerlily as a full name for a girl, might consider either Tiger (for a male cat) or Tigerlily (for a female cat) one day. :)
So tacky.
This happens to be my cat's name. I would NEVER, EVER consider naming my child this, because I would get a picture of a grumpy, fat cat whenever I would say the kid's name.
Think twice before you use this name. I once met a guy named Tiger. He was very short and very skinny. It still makes me laugh when I think about the day he introduced himself. It was hilarious. He just didn't look like someone named Tiger at all. This might be a good name if you are 100 percent sure your son is going to be tall, muscular and handsome otherwise it will be ridiculous. And very very funny for everyone who meets him.
I, personally, wouldn't use this as a male name. It would sound beautiful on a girl! Especially Tiger-Blosson or Tiger-Lily or Tiger-Rose or something like that.
You'd have to be insane to use this animal name on your son. It sounds very corny and tacky. Even if it sounds cute on little boys, it's going to come off as a creepy nickname for a middle-aged man, one you would assume he has imposed on himself because he thinks he's a ''Tiger in bed''. This name isn't exactly ideal if you want people to take your son seriously.
I honestly don't see the name "Tiger" as a masculine name, mainly because of the famous Indian princess Tiger-Lilly from the Peter Pan books, and Tiger Lilly Hutchence. I imagine this would get shortened to "Tiger" a lot, so I see it as a female name.
One of the most common and unimaginative names for a pet cat.
My cousin is naming her son Tiger. (Tyger) I just don't care for it. I think that he has too much to live up too (Tiger Woods).
I don't really like this name on a child.
Tiger is a better name for a cat.
The author Georgia Byng's daughter has this name.
If you wanted to name your girl Tiger, I suggest using Tiger-Anne.
A famous bearer of this name is Tiger Woods, the famous golfer.
Tiger Woods' real name is Eldrick.

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