Only fits a little boy.
Aw, yes. The first name that comes to everyone's mind when thinking of generic names for children.
So nerdy. Not bad as nicknames go though.
Timmy Tibble is Tommy Tibble’s twin brother in the Arthur books and TV show.
The name Timmy was given to 36 boys born in the US in 2015.
Reminds me of Timmy Turner from The Fairly OddParents, the boy in pink with two magical fairies. I wear pink a lot (including a pink shirt, baseball cap, and hoodie), and sometimes I am given the nickname "Timmy Turner".
Very infantile and annoying. This name can't sound very good to those who have watched the overrated crap program South Park with its, well, mentally challenged character Timmy. I stopped watching long ago, some time after the episode where women were explained to be succubuses, or succubi, whatever, but the name still brings that image to mind.
This name makes me laugh!
Sure it's cute, but I bet no one can imagine an eighteen year old being named that, or even less, a forty year old man. Best stick to Timothy.
Timmy was also the boy from the classic TV-series: "Timmy and Lassie."
Timmy Turner -- Cosmo and Wanda's godchild on the Fairly OddParents.
Timmy is the boy in the wheelchair on South Park who mostly just shouts his own name.

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