Timothea Beckerman was an American blues singer and actress.
Lumi  10/17/2018
I love Timothy/Tim, and this rare feminine version should definitely be more widely used and appreciated. It could be an honour name for a Timothy, and has the added bonus of Thea, as a possible nickname. Timmy for a girl would be cute, too - maybe using Timmie as the spelling.
Paula Puddephatt  6/8/2017
Again, I personally prefer Timantha as the feminine form of Timothy, used when Timmy Turner was turned into a girl in an episode of The Fairly OddParents.
PinkJazzX  1/20/2017
Can be used in English.
heyyyyyyyyyyyy  12/21/2016
Tiggy could be a nickname for this name.
― Anonymous User  5/24/2014
My name is Timothea, I go by Thea for short. I have to mention that when I was young I was teased to no end by my school mates. However as I've grown I do not resent my mother for choosing this name for me. To this day I get a regular stream of strangers who either don't know how to pronounce "Timothea" or just call me Timothy. It is a bit on the redundant side! Many people have asked me if my parents had made up this name or asked if I was named after a male relative. I can assure you this is not the case. My parents were quite convinced that someday my name would be popular ( like Jennifer or Sara). So in short I no longer regret that my name is what it is and I'm happy to be one of the few to adorn this name!
TNash  10/12/2013
My mom calls me this when she thinks I'm acting too much like my dad (whose name is Timothy). Up till now, I had no idea it was an actual name.
erb816  8/19/2010
Since this name would obviously be pronounced "tim-ə-THEE-ə" to anyone who read it, there is little danger of girls with this name being called "Timothy" by mistake.

However, I could only really see it being used by a parent who was desperate to honour someone named Timothy (a relative or favourite author, perhaps) and only had a daughter to do it with.

And Thea is the only viable short form, really.
JJSkeete  7/29/2010
Timothea sounds nothing like Timothy in my accent. I think this name is really cute.
― Anonymous User  6/21/2009
Nope, the person above was right when they thought that it was another sad attempt. Ick, just too much! Imagine her at school, the substitute teacher calling her Timothy!
― Anonymous User  11/22/2008
I'm a big fan of the name Timothy, so that's one factor of why I like this name. But, at first, I was left giggling at the sight of Timothea, thinking it was a sad attempt at a feminine variation of a male name. But after saying it aloud, and kinda getting a taste for it, I quickly put it on my list of favorites! And the nickname Thea is wonderful.
Georgia_kh  5/4/2007

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