With 434 215 bearers, Timur is the 1st most common given name in Uzbekistan (2014 Data).

Also receives some usage in Ingushetia.
Timur means iron in old Turkic and it sounds so powerful, like the emperor. And it's a boy given name in Turkey.
This name was given to Ukrainian TV presenter Timur Miroshnychenko who hosted Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2009, Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013, and Eurovision Song Contest 2017 all in Ukraine's capital Kiev.
After reading about the conquests of Timur and his armies, I am surprised that this is still used as a name. That guy was a total monster by modern standards.
When written in upper case in Turkish, it is written TİMUR with an upper case dotted i. [noted -ed]
Timur is also a given name in Turkey. [noted -ed]
Timur is also used in Chechnya (a traditionally Islamic country) as a first name for men. Since Chechnya is forced to follow the Russian naming system, it is also found as a middle name in the form of a patronymic, namely Timurovich.
Director Timur Bekmambetov, born 25. June 1961, Guryev, Soviet Union [now Atyrau, Kazakhstan].
Its origin is Turkish just like it already says, not Russia. It became widely used in Russia because of a famous novel written by Arkady Gaidar called "Timur and His Squad". Gaidar aslo had a son named Timur, so that lead the name to be popular in Russia.
Pronounced: Tee-MOOR.
Tumur means iron in Mongolian. I think the English version is Timur. Or Timur is in Ancient Mongolian writing which is little bit different from the modern Mongolian writing. Many Mongolians have this name. Also Tumur is one of my favorite characters in Mongolian novel called "Tungalag Tamir". This name reminds me the character in that novel! Strong, patriotic, trustworthy, and handsome!
Actually Timur was leader of the Mongolians. He was only half Turkic by birth.

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