Nice name. Especially good nickname for Valentina, Christina/Kristina, Martina.
Even worse than Nina.
My name is Tina Louise and I was given that name after the famous and beautiful actress Tina Louise who played Ginger on the famous old TV show called Gilligan's Island... My mama liked the actress Tina Louise so when I was born in 1963 my mom decided that name for me... I'm very honored to be named after the famous and beautiful actress Tina Louise.
Tina Holmes is an American actress. She was in Six Feet Under, Pretty Persuasion, Godass, and Arcadia, among other movies and tv.
Simple, soft, sweet. Not a fan. But, just alright. Tina is alright.
Usages: Hungarian

Pronunciation: TEE-nah

Meaning: Short form of KRISZTINA, BETTINA and MARTINA.

(Information from name #350712 originally submitted by user epresvanilia)
Tina can also be used as a short form of Albertina, Clementina, Valentina, and other names ending in Tina.
Tina had its time in the sun, but now it's beginning to look dated. However, it is a good nickname for other names like Martina, Christina, Albertina, and the like.
When I hear this name, it reminds me of needles and the number 7.
Reminds me of Tuna.
This name is also commonly used in the country of Georgia, where it is written as თინა.

Please note that in Georgia, Tina is primarily (if not exclusively) a short form of თინათინ (Tinatin), which is already in the main database. [noted -ed]

- (in Georgian)
- (in Georgian; this is about the name Tinatin and mentions Tina)
- (in Georgian; scroll down to the entry for Tinatin, which mentions Tina)
- (in Georgian; scroll down to the entry for Tinatin)
- Tinatin "Tina" Kandelaki (b. 1975), a Georgian-born Russian public figure: (in English)
- Tinatin "Tina" Khidasheli (b. 1973), a Georgian politician: (in English)
- Tina Enukidze (1918-1989), a Georgian hero: (in Georgian)
- Tina Makharadze (b. 1987), a Georgian actress: (in Georgian)
- Tina Tsavkiseli (18th century), a Georgian heroine: (in Georgian)
Tina is one of the six mascots of the mobile trivia game Trivia Crack and its respective YouTube webseries, Triviatopia. She represents the Art category, so she looks like a paintbrush.
Tina Karol is an Ukrainian-Jewish singer who represented Ukraine in 2006 Eurovision with "Show Me Your Love". She qualified for the semi final and cracked the Top 10.
My name is Tina but my friends call me Tina like tuna!
In 1967, a lot of men were named Tina! Tina is 100% feminine! There is nothing masculine, boyish, or unisex about it. Names that end with -ine and -ina are actually considered more feminine than names ending with -a or -ah, I think!

Tina is cute and elegant as a name. It’s even lovely as a legal first name itself. I picture a blonde haired, blue eyed, flower shirt and skirt wearing girl with braces who is a girly girl and she talks about Justin Bieber.

Trust me, Tina sounds masculine NOT one bit! For a girl, it’s beautiful and elegant. For a boy, it’s prissy and awful! I have some compassion for those poor men who dealt with having Tina as their name.
Tina was unfortunately given to 57 boys born in the US in 1967? This is a feminine name! Tina is way too over-the-top for a boy, well at least it was in 1967. Can you imagine a grown old man with the name Tina? I guess if he’s like a fairy bully from a school. I just checked the usage and it said masculine for 1967. I hope he doesn’t get teased! I know this is a feminine name and not a masculine! Name your son Tino. Tina’s male counterpart :)
In 2018, 42 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Tina* who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 185th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.

*as a first name, not a nickname.
Gross name, reminds me of having a blood test.
Talky Tina was the name of the doll in the 1963 Twilight Zone episode “Living Doll.”

Also, in the Arthur special Arthur’s Perfect Christmas, D.W. wants a toy called Tina the Talking Tabby.
It's a very cute name I would say, very simple and pretty.
Sorry to all the Tina's but I just don't like this name, it sounds too dull. I know that a lot of you said the name was really nice and so elegant and delicate but I really just don't like it.
My name is Tina and I got told it means little one. Also, since I was little my dad has called me by the nickname of Tuna. Also I had a Spanish teacher once that told me Maria is the Spanish name of Tina but don't know if it's true or not. FYI my middle name is Maria. And my family is half Mexican on my dad's side.
Tina Anil Ambani is an Indian film actress and beauty pageant winner, she was crowned Femina Teen Princess India 1975. She represented India at International Teen Princess 1975 and was crowned 2nd Runner Up. She acted in Bollywood movies during the late 1970s to late 1980s. She is married to Anil Ambani. She is involved in a number of philanthropic and charity activities and is currently running an NGO and a hospital.
Tina Wiseman, also known as Tina Leiu, was an American actress. Wiseman was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and is best known as the host of the Cinemax television series Hotel Erotica and films such as Kickboxing Academy, Chained Heat 3: Hell Mountain, Dark Confessions and Hey DJ.
Character of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them. Played by Katherine Waterston.
In the case of the aforementioned 'Fantastic Beasts' character, Tina is short for Porpentina. Her full name is Porpentina Esther Goldstein.
According to, *Tina- is West Germanic for "Day".
The name Tina was given to 156 girls born in the US in 2015.
I think Tina is a very nice name- more especially when it's connected with Chu to be TinaChu. I love it so much.
Personally, I think this name is beautiful.
Suppanad "Tina" Jittaleela is a Thai actress, best known for playing the lead role of Kim from the 2010 movie 'Yes or No' that also stars Thai actress Sucharat "Aom" Manaying as Pie.
Tina Cohen-Chang was a character on the TV show Glee.
In Finnish "Tina" literally means "tin", the chemical element.
I love the name Tina. It's elegant, classy, practical, beautiful and cute. I think the name Tina should be used a whole lot more! :-)
Tina Belcher is a character on the animated sitcom "Bob's Burgers."
Tina Chow (born Bettina Louise Lutz) (Born: April 18, 1950, Died: January 24, 1992) was an American model, jewelry designer, and influential fashion icon of the 1970s and 1980s.
I love the name Tina. It sounds so gentle and sensitive compared to many other names.
Tina Robin, an American pop singer.
The name Tina was given to 178 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
This name isn't the worst, but I always wondered why you would settle for this if there are Christina and Martina instead.
Tina is a common female given name. It originates from Old English 'Tyne, Tyna, Tina', meaning 'river'.

It is also a nickname for names such as Bettina, Christina, Christine, Martina, Valentina, etc. The masculine counterpart is Tino. In Finland and Estonia the name is often written as Tiina.
I love the name Tina, it's so sweet and Minnie Mouse-like, and it's just perfect.
Tina Louise, with whom I have been known to correspond, (no lie!) is a famous bearer of this name. She is best known for her portrayal of movie star Ginger Grant on "Gilligan's Island" from 1964-1976.
This name has a kind of bittersweet sound to it.
Tina is NOT used as a diminutive for Katarina in Croatia, but for Kristina and other names ending in -Tina (like Martina, Valentina, etc.).
Tina is a pretty and sexy name at the same time. I love my nickname. I think it also helps if you look good since it is considered a very pretty name that stands out too. I know some men also love the name Tina.
Also a girls name in Croatia. [noted -ed]
Tina is one of those names that is a bit ditzy sounding, yet still has a nice ring to it. Sort of like Emily.
I love this name for its gorgeous sweet sound.
Tina Wesson was a the winner of Survivor: Australian Outback and also appeared on Survivor: All-Stars and was voted out first!
As a given name, Tina sounds trashy and bitchy. If you really like it, give your daughter a name like Christina, Martina, or Valentina and then call her Tina for short.
Can be used as a short nickname for "Christina", or by it's own diminutive form.
I know a girl in my school whose nick-name is Tina. Her real name is Florentina, which I find beautiful and Tina is a cute nick-name.
Urm, actually I had a friend called Tina, and immediately everyone called her Tin of Tuna, or just Tuna.
In the Netherlands Tina is the name of a girl's comic. It exists for years.
There's the singer Teena Marie, I like the way she spells her name.
My father told me that Tina is an Indian name meaning little princes.
I'm sorry but I don't like this name at all! Would you really want a little girl named Tina? No offense to all the Tina's out there, you're all probably very nice people!
Quite boring, common, and minimalist, but the good thing is that no one can accuse the bearers of having a ghetto, redneck, stripper, or trailer trash name. The name does remind me of the awesome track Don't Save Us from the Flames by M83, but it's not exactly an exciting name.
I find this name really boring. It doesn't have a meaning and it's very various.
Also a feminine name in Slovenia. [noted -ed]
It means "Bathtub" in Spanish!

OMG. Sorry. I went to write a story in Spanish and it had a girl named Tina in it, and I translated it with Babel Fish and it was so funny, it was like, "I'm here with my friend Bathtub."

Just figured I should tell you that.
Tina isn't always short for something, the same as Tino, so the information needs a few changes.
One of my best friend's name is Tina. I love it. It's not too popular or too weird. It's just a really good name.
I loved the name Tina as a child, and therefore I had three dolls named Tina! "Big Tina", "Tina girl" and "Little Tina". Today I do not think it's anything special.
In the movie Napoleon Dynamite, Napoleon's llama is named Tina. Tina is a dumb name, I think.
Tina! Come get some ham!
Believe it or not, Tina means bathtub in Spanish! (-:
I don't like the name Tina, it's too fru fru for me even though it's not my name. (no offense to any Tinas)
There is an author named Tina Wainscott.
A famous bearer is the American film and television actress Tina Majorino (born February 7, 1985).
Pretty, gentle and loving.
Philippina Lydia Arena, born in Moonee Ponds, Victoria, Australia, on 1st November, 1967, is the singer Tina Arena (she changed her nickname Pina to Tina for show business). The song for which Tina Arena is famous around the world is "I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You", which she performs together with Mark Anthony, the song is the soundtrack of the film "The Mask Of Zorro" (1998).
The feminine names "Tinka" and "Tina" are used in Bulgaria, "Tinka" is a Bulgarian name, while Tina is international. In Bulgaria "Tinka" and "Tina" are often thought as abbreviations respectively of "Latinka" and the originated name from "Latinka" - "Latina". "Latinka" is the Bulgarian word for the flower "nasturtium". That is why "Latinka" and "Latina" have a nameday on Palm Sunday (the Sunday before Easter) - the day of the flowers and willows (the names of the other trees also have a nameday).
Anna Mae Bullock, who was born on 26th November 1938, in Nutbush, Tennessee, is the great singer Tina Turner.
This is my name. I used to wish that my name was more unique and "fancy", but I really like my name now. In Persian, it means "flower".
Tina Fey is an American writer, comedian, and actress. She is a cast member and co-head writer of Saturday Night Live.
My mother's name is Tina. Sometimes I call her Teeny or Tianna for nicknames.
My name is Tina and I love it. Not many people in my area have that name so it's not over used like Jessica, or Ashley.
Tina is Latin and means "little one".

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