Probably not a famous usage, but the ancient city of Tirzah is where I heard this. Tirzah is located in Nablus Governorate, West Bank, near Mukhayyam/Fari'a, Taluza, and Tamun.
TanorFaux  9/5/2018
Every Tirzah I've talked to and seen on the internet has been stunningly beautiful. I've also developed some words that when spoken could completely seduce every Tirzah ever.
HeyBabyMyNameIsDavid  7/10/2018
This name is pronounced Tear-zah I know many people are not named Tirzah but I love it. I should know how to pronounce it, it's my name.
tiirzah_9  2/23/2018
I like the spelling the site has listed, Thersa. This name is a nice alternative to Teresa. I like biblical names very much. My favorite name out of all of Zelophedad's daughters is Tirzah.
― Anonymous User  10/9/2017
This the ONLY site on which I could find MY name! And the site is dead on about the origin! But just to mix it up. My name is TIRSA (tear-sa), my mom thought she was making it more mainstream that way. But really it's the Spanish version!
msTIRSA  8/11/2011
This name sounds mean.
Aureliano  4/18/2010
The first time I heard this name (pronounced TEER-zah) was in the movie Ben-Hur. In it, Tirzah was Ben-Hur's sister who, when Ben-Hur was banished, fell ill with leprosy along with her mother. I won't go on, because then I'll spoil the movie!

Anyway, from the first time I heard Tirzah, I thought it was an absolutely beautiful name, full of elegance, spirit, even some sorrow.
erb816  4/8/2010
In Francine River's book Redeeming Love, this is one of the names Michael called Angel.
Evil  5/17/2008
Different, but I really do like it.
xKatiex  7/7/2007
My sister in law named her daughter Tirzah. She pronounces it Tear-zah.
Kasi  3/11/2007
William Blake wrote a poem named 'To Tirzah'.
Catherine  12/27/2005
This is my friend's dog's name! The dog's middle name is Joy, so she's Tirzah (TEER-zah) Joy! It's a pretty name!
― Anonymous User  12/4/2005
Hmm... I guess I've been reading this name wrong my whole life! I thought it was TIZrah! How silly of me!
― Anonymous User  9/19/2005
I cannot imagine this name being pronounced as "TUR-zah". "TEER-zah" is what I've heard and how I pronounce it.
gaelruadh19  5/9/2005
Also the name of the sister of Ben Hur, from the book and the film of the same name.
gaelruadh19  5/9/2005
Another way to spell this name is TIRZA (from the Hebrew - Old Testaments).
tcm  1/19/2005
This name is pronounced teer-tsah in Hebrew.
Miss Claire  12/5/2004

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