I live for Tito's Vodka.
Usages: Hawaiian, Biblical Hawaiian

Pronunciation: TEE-to

Meaning: Older Hawaiian form of TITUS, as well it appears in the Bible in Hawaiian.

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Tito is one of the six mascots of the mobile trivia game Trivia Crack and its respective YouTube webseries, Triviatopia. He represents the Geography category, so he looks like a globe.
All I can think about is the guy from that show The Nutshack. "Tito Dick, Dickman, baby! He raised Phil and loves the ladies."
Not the greatest association...
Tito is really fitting for a dog.
Tito Livio Burattini (Polish: Tytus Liwiusz Burattini, 8 March 1617 – 17 November 1681) was an inventor, architect, Egyptologist, scientist, instrument-maker, traveler, engineer, and nobleman.
This isn't a real Spanish/Italian name. It's an African-American name that wouldn't exist if it weren't for Tito Jackson. I've never heard of a single non-black man with this name. (Tito from Rocket Power doesn't count because he's a cartoon character.)

[ -ed]
Tito Makani is a character on the Nickelodeon cartoon Rocket Power. He is from Hawaii and has a lot of "ancient Hawaiian" sayings.
Josip Broz Tito, former leader of Yugoslavia.
In Italy it's pretty rare.
Also Croatian, but it's quite rare.
A famous bearer is brother of Michael Jackson and member of The Jackson 5, Tito Jackson. Although his real name was Toriano Adaryll Jackson.
Tito Gobbi, great Italian singer who sang with Maria Callas.
Tito Schipa, Italian tenor.
Also the Portuguese form of Titus. [noted -ed]
Sounds like a dogs name to me.
I always thought it was just the Spanish nickname for Roberto.
Tito Puente was a famous Puerto Rican musician.
Two I can think of Tito Jackson, Micheal's brother and Tito, the Chihuahua voiced by Cheech Marin in Oliver and Company.
I think Tito is a wonderful name!

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