Yeah, I think it only sounds nice on a dog.
Titus sounds like a dog name.
Titus is the name of a Roman Emperor. The son of Vespasian, he reigned from 79 to 81 AD.
Actually, the name seems more likely to be related to "Titan" not "title."
This name has always disgusted me. I don't know why, but the 'Tit' in Titus sounds like 'teet' and the usage of the letter U is very undesirable for me. Titus sounds like a boy, near adulthood, that is a little 'tough' and not cute, rather a little aggressive.
It makes me think of elephantiasis or some other inflammatory disease. There was also a tv show on Fox in the early 2000s called Titus, and the main character really disgusted me. (I never watched it; the ads were bad enough.)
Nope. This is the name of a fish.
Great name for a boy and man. It’s the only “Ty” name that I like. I love that it’s biblical too!
Good name for a cat.
Titus is the name of an anime character of the anime and manga series : Magi; The Kingdom of Magic. His full name is Titus Alexius.
A very high aired and pretentious name.
Naming your child this, you may as well make them wear a neon sign that reads "Beat me up."
Possibly from the word 'titan', which is from Greek mythology.
This name is also used in the Netherlands. As someone mentioned above, it was the name of Rembrandt's son, and it is still used, though not very commonly, today. It is pronounced TEE-tus.
Titus Pullo is a character from the series Rome.
Actor Titus Welliver, known for his roles in tv shows like LOST and Supernatural.
Mozart's last opera is named "The Clemency of Titus" and is about the Roman emperor and a plot against his life. Many other composers also wrote operas on this story including Gluck.
Titus Young and Titus Ryan are American football players.
Titus Oates, English conspirator.
Um, has anyone heard of Captain Titus Oates? He's a Polar explorer who died on the expedition for his friends.
In Finland this name is written "Tiitus" (pronounced tee-tus). [noted -ed]
The Greek form of Titus is

The Hebrew for Title of Honor is
הכותרת של כבוד
Titus Groan is the protagonist of the classic Gormenghast trilogy by Mervyn Peake.
Rembrandt's son was called Titus.
You say Titus, I hear Tight Ass.
Well, thank you to some user above. You ruined this name for me! I seemed to kinda like this name before. Soft yet strong, would be great for a character!
Blocking off it's Shakespearian use, Titus is a *gorgeous* name. I like it's meaning "title of honor" and the fact that one of the bearers of this name was devoted to God.
I think this is an attractive name. I love it! P.S. Can also be pronounced TEE-Tus, I like that pronunciation better. ;-)
This is the name of the tragic main character in Shakespeare's play Titus Andronicus.

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