It's okay. I like Todd a bit more, I guess cause it's more traditional, but Tod is okay.
Tod is a protagonist in the Young Adult fantasy books The Soul Screamers by Rachel Vincent.
Todd is bad enough, but this? This is awful.
Tod is an okay name I guess.
I don't think this spelling is that bad. The name still sounds cute! :)
The spelling of Todd PLEASE!
Tod is one of the two main protagonists of Disney's 1981 feature film the Fox and the Hound.
So what if it translates to "death" in German? It also means "fox" in Scottish, I believe. Molly means "bitter", but people still use it. It doesn't necessarily matter so long as you like the name.
Tod means death in German so I wouldn't recommend using it.
The word "Tod" literally translates to the word "Death" in German.

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