This, I tell you, would make teachers have migraines when taking attendance!
MythicalCreature  4/15/2021
I like this name all in all, but SO hard to pronounce, and teachers and moms and other people won't be able to take this, and pronounce it. You or your child will have to go by a nickname, like Toi pronounced TEH.
Stars123457  4/6/2021
Toird- wait what?
T- Let me pull myself together
Toi- Ugh
Toirdh-Too hard
Toirdhea- Ugh, I give up.
Stars123  3/12/2021
My God! I feel sorry for non Gaelic speaking teachers with a Toirdhealbhach in their class.
kayisforkeen  9/21/2018
Other form are Toirdelbach, Tairrdelbach. [noted -ed]
blasso7020  6/6/2017
LMS  5/16/2016
This is a name that would give teachers hell when calling roll.
Kathy D.  12/17/2014
This name is hilarious. Such an awesome example of how ridiculous Gaelic can get with all the unnecessary letters.
jbr1234  3/14/2013
This name is not common in Ireland. I've never came across it. Most people wouldn't even know how to pronounce it.
― Anonymous User  8/21/2012
Well, I guess you nickname your kid Turtle. :)
blondieboo629  10/7/2011
It's not pronounced "tor-YEL-uv-akh" at all! It's pronounced the same way as TURLOUGH. Which is simply tu-ar-loch or tur-loch.
Irishfrench  10/8/2009
Yuck. This is the ugliest of all the unanglicized Irish names. This name is too long, very ugly, and will never be spelled correctly by the average person. It's quite pretentious and foreign-sounding.
bananarama  9/22/2009
Um. Good luck teaching your kid how to spell this frighteningly long and weird name.
― Anonymous User  8/17/2009
Can you imagine a child trying to learn to spell that? It would be really hard for an adult to spell as well, never mind pronounce! But somehow I find the name enchanting. But I couldn't ever use it. Too much hard work!
― Anonymous User  8/8/2009
It kind of looks like what you would get if your cat walked over your keyboard.
gio2475  11/20/2008
Although I would never use the name, I do love the spelling of it.
Kimmy  3/11/2008
Turlough Carolan (Irish name Toirdhealbhach Ó Cearbhalláin, 1670 - March 25, 1738) was a blind, itinerant Irish harper, composer and singer whose great fame is due to his gift for melodic composition. He was the last great Irish harper-composer and is considered by many to be Ireland's national composer. Harpers in the old Irish tradition were still living as late as 1792, as ten, including Arthur O'Neill, Patrick Quin and Denis O'Hampsey, showed up at the Belfast Harp Festival, but there is no proof of any of these being composers. Carolan's own compositions already showed influence from the style of continental classical music.
Orpheo  10/9/2007
Pronounced "tor-YEL-uv-akh".
gaelruadh19  1/20/2007
This name is frightening and if you like it, you're crazy! It is much too long.
Taydbug112  9/28/2006
Guess I'm crazy, then. Like no one knew that already. Too bad it's so hard to spell.
― Anonymous User  5/11/2007
I think I would rather be named Investigator!
claraelizabethann  8/26/2006

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