I don't see anything wrong with it. Actually, it's quite pretty.
Oh, and it's pronounced TAW-lah.
On the Polish Language Council's site I found information about Tola. It is traditionally a diminutive of Anatola. However, it is allowed to be used as a separate name because it doesn't sound as a typical pet form. [noted -ed]
In "Bad Apple" by Laura Ruby the main girl is named Tola Riley.
Tóla is also a rare Irish name. There was a Saint Tola of Clonard who lived in the 8th century. Tóla possibly comes from an Old Irish word meaning "abundance, flood."
Tola is also a Finnish surname. For example there's a Finnish actress Pamela Tola.
It's also the Portuguese word for "silly woman/girl", (pronounced to-luh), and Portuguese slang for "head" (pronounced taw-luh).

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