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Tola 1
Gender Masculine
Usage Biblical
Scripts תּוֹלָע(Ancient Hebrew)
Other Forms FormsTolaʻ, Tôlāʻ

Meaning & History

Means "crimson, scarlet" in Hebrew, literally "grub, worm" (referring to the cochineal insect from which crimson dyes were obtained). It belonged to one of the Old Testament judges.
Added 8/26/2012 by SeaHorse15
Edited 1/8/2015 by Sofia

Tola 2
Gender Masculine & Feminine
Usage Yoruba
Other Forms FormsTọ́lá (variant)

Meaning & History

Means "prominent for success" in Yoruba, derived from meaning "as prominent as" and ọlá meaning "wealth, success, nobility". It is also a short form of longer names such as Omotola, Oyètọ́lá, Tọ́lání and Tọ́láṣe.
Added 4/15/2022 by Felie
Edited 12/29/2022 by Mike C

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