Can't imagine a girl named TOM!
Reminds me of Tom and Jerry and Uncle Tom, both of which are bad associations to me.
The name Tom in Hebrew relates to the innocence of childhood, being naive.
There is a well-known saying and a famous song - Yemey ha-Tom, the days of innocence. [noted -ed]
It means "Innocence" in Hebrew ("Tam" means "Innocent"). Yes, it also means "End", but that's not the intended meaning of the name. It's like English has words like "fine" which can either be a positive adjective or money you have to pay for a crime.
My birth certificate is Tom rather than Thomas. I'm glad that this name exists in it own right as Tom as it gives my name meaning. I'm really interested in the meaning of "honest/innocent" or "the end". I'm from Ireland and as far as I know from Gaeilge names, behind every name is a story. I would love to find the story behind Tom but can't read Hebrew. Does anyone know the story of Tom and why it means "innocent" or "The end"?
I know a little Jewish boy (aged five) called Tom. I assumed at first that it was short for Thomas but it was explained to me that it is in fact a stand alone Hebrew name.
He's a lovely little lad and the name certainly works for him. They pronounce it Tom as in Tom for Thomas.
Good nickname for Thomas or Thomasina.
Ugly name, and far too delicate for a boy...
Pronounced tohm.
More popular for girls, though.
Tom is a Hebrew name meaning "Innocent". It is unisex (both boys and girls).

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