Tori doesn't sound like a complete name (because it isn't). It's not even an attractive nickname. A proper name is something any person deserves. Beautiful and stately Victoria belongs to this category, but not poor Tori. I wish parents had more sense and avoided doing this to their children.
I prefer this name as a full name rather than a short form of Victoria.
But I love it. One of my favorite names.
Tori Vega from the Nickelodeon show, Victorious.
Tori Kelly is an American singer. (And an amazing one too)
I know a girl named Torianna that goes by Tori.
Despise this name!
Also a diminutive of Salvatore.
Also means 'bird' in Japanese.
Tori Layne Bates Smith is the daughter of Gil and Kelly Jo. She is married to Bobby Smith and has one son, Kade.
Tori is a character you can marry in Rune Factory.
The name Tori was given to 361 girls born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Tori are female.
Tori Kimura is from Sunset Valley, the neighborhood shipped with The Sims 3 is a bearer of this name.
Tori Amos is an American singer-songwriter, pianist and composer. She is a classically trained musician with a mezzo-soprano vocal range. Having already begun composing instrumental pieces on piano, Amos won a full scholarship to the Peabody Institute at Johns Hopkins University at age five, the youngest person ever to have been admitted. She was expelled at age eleven for what Rolling Stone described as "musical insubordination." Amos was the lead singer of the short-lived 1980s pop group Y Kant Tori Read before achieving her breakthrough as a solo artist in the early 1990s. Her songs focus on a broad range of topics, including sexuality, feminism, politics and religion.
This is actually my full name, everyone thinks my real name is Victoria but nope, it's Tori :) and I honestly love my name. I think it fits me REALLY well and I've never had any problems with it. I could never see myself changing it. P.s. my middle name is Jade.
Tori Wu from the Divergent trilogy.
My cousin's name is Tori, (spelled Torey [or possibly Torigrace, I saw that written somewhere]) and it's a great name for the cheerful little blonde girl she is now. As an adult, I have a feeling it won't be such a fitting name.
Tori is my grandma's dog's name and I love it and in the book series Divergent.
Victoria Loren "Tori" Kelly is an American singer and songwriter.
My name is Tori and I'm a trans male and have been going by this name for 3 years while previously going by the name Victoria. To me, Tori is just the shorter version of the Japanese male name hatori or a more English version of the Japanese male name touya which is my pen name and means peach even though Tori is also a Japanese name for females meaning bird.
If you name your kid Tori, don't be surprised that she'll grow up to be a porn star.
How on earth is the name Victoria childish?! I've never heard that one before. If you want childish, look at all the idiots giving their poor children "names" like Kaylee, braelyn, and neveah. Victoria is a beautiful, classic name that's been around for centuries. There was even a queen with this name, so I don't really see how it could be unprofessional! If you want to insult a name, at least insult one that deserves it. Victoria is a beautiful name, and will definitely be taken seriously in the real world. I know this isn't the page for Victoria, but I just felt like that was totally rude and unnecessary. That being said, I like Tori as a nickname, although I prefer Victoria by itself. Vicky is just ugly though. But Tori as a real name... No. That's unprofessional. It's like naming you daughter Lizzie.
"Victoria" is bad enough without this atrocity of a nickname.
It is simply so infantile, so childish, so unprofessional, so unattractive... it terribly resembles a toddler sibling giving first attempts at pronouncing the new baby's name.Despite preaching my disgust for "Victoria," I would still rather it (without any diminutives.) Furthermore, the Italian form "Vittoria" offers aid in that it is moderately better than the two previous mentioned. (Regardless, the "-toria" within it still gets beneath my skin.)
It is also extremely default and generic.
I don't like Victoria, but I do LOOOOVE Tori.
My name is Tori and I'm a male so I don't necessarily like that the name is not neutral on here rather than just only being feminine.
Tori means "derived from Victoria triumphant".
I adopted a kitten whose name was Tory. I forgot how they spelt it so I spelled it with the I at the end, not realizing that Tori is derived from the beautiful name Victoria. I really like the classy name. Tori is cuter for youngsters.
My name's Tori. When I was younger I hated it. I also hated being named after Tori Spelling (which I still hate.) But now I love my name. It's not very common. I live in a small town and I have yet to find someone with the name Tori besides myself. And no, my real name is not Victoria. It annoys me so much when people fight with me about what MY name is. "Your real name can't be Tori. It's Victoria. You're lying." Shut up. My name's Tori. Want to see my birth certificate? But I love my name. It's original.
This is a much better nickname for Victoria than Vicki and variants, but British and Canadian politics have basically ruined this name completely. It's also good to remember that this isn't a great full first name anyway, as it sounds just as youthful and girly as Kori, Keri, and the likes.
In the English adaption of the anime series Cardcaptor Sakura, the main character's elder brother is named Tori (Toya in the original). (Hence I am used to thinking of this as a male name, despite the unlikely 'ee' sound on the end.)
I am often called this by my friends, because my real name is Victoria. It's a pretty cool name. Spunky, yet not girly or cold like Victoria.The only thing bad is, if you're in middle school, you're going to learn about the Revolutionary War, and colonists in the 13 colonies that supported the British were called "Tories". They called me this during the entire lesson. Annoying as hell.I'm not saying you shouldn't name your kid Tori because of this reason. Just beware.
My real name is Tory. Not Victoria, which bugs me when people say it is. All my friends associate 'Tory' with a clumsy genius with glasses and zits.
I had a cat named Tori. :) It would be a nice name for a human as well.
Why hello! I think Tori is a very flowy and complex and delicate name. It is QUITE emotional.
When I think of the name Tori I think of a very confident and pretty girl. The name is very feminine and delicate to me.
My name is Victoria but I go by Tori for short. Some of my friends call me Vikki or Torrie but to most it's Tori.
My name is Victoria, and my family calls me Tori. I don't really like Tori, but that's probably word assosciation (when my parents were angry, they'd call me Tori -- otherwise it was "Tora-Lora" or something.) I'm looking for a new nickname besides Tori and Vicky. But overall, I think it's a good name to have. It's short, urban and chic.
It is also the short form of Torianna.
This is my best friend's name. I like it a lot!
I prefer this over the name Victoria. Other spellings are Torie, Toree, Torey, Torie and Tory.
Tori in Scandinavian comes from the name Torfrid, from Thor and frid which means beautiful.
Tori means "a bird" in Japanese.
I knew a girl named Victoria who was called Tori for short.
My best friend's name is Tori and it isn't short for Victoria.
Another person who has this name is "Tori Amos" most famous for playing piano and singing.
Tori Amos' real name is Myra Ellen Amos. She started to go by Tori after a friend told her that she looked more like a Tori than a Myra Ellen.
Tori Spelling is an actress who bears this name.
My sister's name is Tori, and it's not short for Victoria. It's just Tori. She hates it, but I think it's cool.

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