As someone who bears this name, it is pronounced "TOH-VAH"
The name Tova was given to 61 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Pronounced toh-vah.
Great name, pronounced Tor-ve.
This name also means 'god's gift' and it is pronounced Tor-va.
This is my god-daughter's name. Her name is Tova Elise Grace and she is the most gorgeous little thing! She was born at 29 weeks, so she was very premature! My second-cousin named her Tova because it means 'god's gift' and she believed that despite all the hardship her baby was a gift. Tova is now a healthy ten month old who is nearly walking! I didn't like this name at first, but it is really starting to grow on me! I think it is really pretty and dignified.
Sorry to disappoint, but this name does not mean God's gift at all. It means simply good, as it is the feminine form of the word 'good' in Hebrew.
Popular (or at least it was) in Orthodox Jewish circles. It is pronounced toh-vah.

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