I’m probably in the minority but I like this name. I think it is one of the Roman Emperor names that could be used for a boy today along with Hadrian. I think the name is pretty popular in some Eastern European countries. I prefer the pronunciation TRAY jun instead of TRAH jun. For a nickname you can call him Trey.
Usages: French, French (Cajun), French (Quebec)
Pronunciation: TRAZHAWN(French)

Meaning: French version of the Roman cognomen name TRAIANUS.

Usually seen used among both Quebecois and Cajun French populations within the 18th Century.

(Information from name #199083 originally submitted by user Byzantinia)
The name is used (albeit seldom) also in Bulgaria. [noted -ed]
There it is written in Cyrillic like this: Траян
There are 2 official transcripts in Latin alphabet since the letter я (ia) has different parallel transcript rules: Trajan or Trayan.

One used pet name / nickname is Jancho / Yancho which is making use of the name ending.
This name suggests familiarity to the Roman Empire (Trajan was probably the second most popular of all the emperors after Augustus). This would probably work if a sibling was named after another emperor ("the little emperors" could be an affectionate nickname for a group of these), or if it is for an only child. I never knew any Trajans, but any Trajan I come across would be a rare sight, in a good way.
Also Serbian, meaning one who lasts, from trajati, to last.
Pronounced "trah-yahn".
The Latin breakdown of the name gives the meaning 'across archway/doorway'.

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