My cousin's name is Tristen and she uses 'Tris' or 'Tristy' as nicknames. Of course, she's the only Tristen I know, so I've never seen it as a super masculine name.
How is this considered a girl's name? Not complaining, I'm just asking how people think it is one? This is my youngest nephew's name Tristen Reece, I believe my brother and his wife went with this spelling instead of the usual Tristan spelling to be different. Tristen/Tristan is a good name for a boy, I have never heard it on a girl but I guess it could work...
I love it, especially for boys but I can manifest it on girls too.
Dis name bad.
I love the name Tristen. In fact, it is my real name!
I disagree- this name is absolutely not unisex. It's definitely masculine, there are not enough girls around the WORLD named Tristen for it to be considered unisex.
In 2014, the name was used 548 times for boys and 44 times for girls in the USA. For further comparison, see the statistics of previous years:
- In 2013: 623 boys, 51 girls.
- In 2012: 842 boys, 57 girls.
- In 2011: 848 boys, 64 girls.
- In 2010: 938 boys, 67 girls.
For more information (such as statistics from even further back), please see:

As you can see, the name is still in use for girls in the USA, even though the name hasn't made the top 1000 since 2003. I personally agree with the others and believe that "Feminine" should be added to this name. [noted -ed]
Tristen also means "Bold."
HEY! Tristen is also a GIRL'S name! I hope someone changes it so! I have a friend named Tristen; SHE'S A GIRL!
This specific spelling is of Celtic origin and it means loud noise. My son is Tristen William and he has been loud since the day he was born. ;) I also love the combination of the 2 names together. They flow well.
Oh my, I can't believe that I am the first to comment on this name. I thought it was more popular than this. I just considered a really awesome name to go beside it (well, awesome in MY own opinion!) "Tristen Zaire". It's beautimous! :P

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