Quite ugly.
* Thomas Hardy the English writer was in love with his cousin Tryphena.
* The first governor of N.S.W in Australia was married to Tryphena.
* There is a Trefina gorge near Alice Springs in Australia
* In New Zealand there is an island with a town called Tryphena.
* My family, from England, used to have a long history of the name Tryphena up until the last 3-4 generations, then I was christened Tryphena and I now go by this spelling - Trypheyna.
* Check out the book 'The Intimacy of Death & Dying' by Trypheyna McShane.
One of my great grand aunts had the name Tryphena, and I think it is a really complimentary name; particularly in conjunction with some surnames. I think it's a shame it's underused nowadays.
This is a very pretty name. I like the sound of it. It sounds very elegant.
Used occasionally for black women in South Africa, though I've never heard of it given to white women here.
Tryphena is the name of a secondary character from the novel "Lyddie" written by Katherine Paterson.
An alternate way of spelling this name is Tryphaena, an ancient spelling.
The Egyptian Queen Cleopatra's mother and sister were both named Cleopatra Tryphaena.

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