The Spanish word for "you" ("tú") has an acute accent just like that. Without it ("tu"), it would mean "your".
This name in Chinese is:涂. It is a really common last name in Jiang Xi, and it started a long time ago. People who lived near a mountain called Tu mountain (涂山) used the name of this mountain as their last name, then later on people started to leave this place, and they decided to take off the word mountain from their name (山), so we call our self Tu as the last name.
This is a last name in China, and also is my last name. It doesn't really mean too much, and the meaning of the name has no relation to painting and other stuff. This last name just comes from the place where we lived about a thousand years ago.
And this means 'you' in how many languages? French, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Romanian, Spanish and, as the above pointed out, Brazilian Portuguese. Just to name a few.
The name 'Tu' really means 'Star'. I'm Vietnamese and I know that for sure.
I work with a guy named Tu who is from Vietnam. He told me that the name 'Tu' means "bright morning" or a "morning without clouds."

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