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Tullia Calabi Zevi (1919–2011) was an Italian journalist and writer. Zevi's family fled Italy to France and then to the US after the rise of fascism in the 1930s. While in New York City, she married Bruno Zevi. She returned to Europe in 1946, and was one of the few women journalists to report the Nuremberg Trials. On her return to Italy, she played a major role in Interfaith dialog, and was active in Italian Centre-left politics. Zevi was president of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities from 1983 to 1998.
Felie  11/13/2019
In 1999 were born 13 Tullia in Italy, in 2009 were born 10 and in 2016 new 6 Tullia were born. In 2017 less than five babies were born with this name.
Felie  11/13/2019
In Italian it is pronounced TOOL-lya. [noted -ed]
Felie  11/13/2019
My beautiful Grandmother who has passed on her name was Tullia and she was in fact from Italy. Her and her family migrated way back when and did become US citizens.
Pacopgirl  7/28/2018
Only 5 girls were named Tulia in 2013 (US) and less than 5 girls were named Tullia. The nickname Tully was bestowed on 5 girls and 5 boys each in 2014. If you are looking for a rare name choice - this one will do!
Joiya  10/21/2014
A friend of mine chose this as her name for her Latin class, and I instantly loved it. I assumed it was spelt Tulia, so I still prefer that spelling over the technically correct Tullia. I think it's a really neat name.
Anyechka  7/27/2009
Tullia Cicero was the daughter of the Roman statesman Marcus Tullius Cicero. She was her father's darling.
Lilia Nigra  10/9/2008
Pronounced TOO-lee-uh or TYOO-lee-uh.
MissMarmelstein  6/24/2007
I have also read in several name books that Tullia is Irish and means "peaceful, quiet."
― Anonymous User  9/20/2006

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