There are two other Turins in Tolkien's Legendarium - two of the Stewards of Gondor bear this name, presumably after Turin Turambar (the Stewards of Gondor notably used many names belonging to characters from the First Age).
Túrin is one of the few male names I like from Tolkien's Middle-earth mythology. Aside from potential (minor) pronunciation issues, I'd deem it usable as far as literary names go. The name isn't too complex and the character is obscure enough. The fact that it's the name of a tragic figure doesn't bother me in the least.Túrin should have an acute accent (ú), and it is properly pronounced TOO-rin (with a trilled r).
I agree with the previous poster. Naming a child Turin would be worse than naming him Hamlet, with the slight exception that fewer people have read the Silmarillion. It would be like naming a child "Misery".
I have nothing against this name, but I would strongly advise against using it on a child just from the unfortunate life Tolkien gave his Turin. If the child ever read The Silmarillion, they wouldn't be able to change their name fast enough.

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