I prefer Twila. In my humble opinion, the "wy" combo doesn't really match well together. Sorry if I'm offending anyone, I don't mean to.
Twyla is the name of the waitress on Schitt's Creek played by Sarah Levy. It's a lovely name!
My name is Twyla. My grandfather named me. Every time I tell someone my name they ask me to repeat it. They always tell me it's super unique and cool or beautiful and I truly love my name. I never met anyone with my name. That would be really cool to be best friends with the same name. My grandpa told me it was the name of one of his mother's friends and she owned a book store. Twyla's book store. And he wanted that to be my name. Just so happens, I love to read and that new book smell.
Absolutely horrible.
Twyla Tharp is a notable choreographer in the dance community. She has choreographed many beautiful works that are worth checking out!
Nebraska State Poet is Twyla M. Hansen (b. 1949).
This name is absolutely gorgeous. It's my daughter's name! She LOVES it, and calls herself "Twilight Girl" Some people try to shorten her name to "Twy" which doesn't go over well. She gets a lot of compliments and doesn't get teased much. This name isn't popular so overall I'd say if you want to make your daughter this, go for it!
My name is Twyla. I was always told it was Welsh because of the spelling. Sounded sort of right.
My name is Twyla Dawn as in twilight and dawn. I was told that Twyla comes from twilight and twila comes from a type of weave.
I was always told Twyla was a Sioux Indian princess and her name meant 'morning of the dawn'. I personally love my name.
I used to hate my mom for naming me Twyla when I was a child, but now I'm glad my mother didn't give me a common name.
So, as usual, I find that the origin of my name is clouded. Some say Old English, some say Native American... though, in this case they are claiming Cherokee - I usually hear Sioux. I hated it growing up (kids twisted it: toilet bowl, twilight zone), until I learned about Twyla Thorpe and Twila Paris, both famous people. Thorpe is a dancer/choreographer - an amazing one. Loving dance, and having taken it in High School, I found this neat. Twila Paris is a pianist - a good one. I just wish we could find the true origin and meaning of this name!
There is a cute cat character called Twyla in the animated 2006 film Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses.
There is a Monster High doll called Twyla.
The name Twyla is gorgeous and stunning! I think this spelling is best as some people may incorrectly say "Twill-a" or "Tweela" for the name Twila instead of "TWIE-lə".
At first, I didn't like this name, but the more I think about it, the more beautiful it becomes!
I love this name! I didn't even know that it was a name. I myself am a bearer of one of these less-popular names, but I'd trade my name for Twyla anyday. If it's derived from 'twilight', that's awesome! If not, the name's still very cool.

I think that, if it's from twilight, it sahould be TWYIE-la. If it's the 'woven' one, it should be 'TWEE-la.' Just my opninion.
The name Twila or Twyla was orginated from England and is considered Middle English. The name means "Women of woven thread." I hope this information is helpful to your website. I find it fascinating to read the meanings and origin of all names listed. Keep up the good work.
Not that there's anything wrong with a name making people think of twilight, but the word itself doesn't have the most pleasant sound with the 't' and 'w' following one another. This can sound very annoying in nasal, loud-mouthed pronunciation, just like Dwayne.
This was my grandmother's name and I always found it beautiful, because it reminded me of the word twilight. Her daughter was called Twilaine, which is apparently some variation off of the name Twyla.
In Terry Pratchett's "Hogfather", Twyla and her brother Gawain are looked after by Susan, Death's granddaughter, who is working as a governess. She regards both names as inexcusable evidence of social climbing gone wrong; the children are, fortunately, rather nicer than their parents.
Sounds like someone who cant pronounce the word 'Tyler.' Not that I like the name Tyler anyway.
It is Middle English, and has the same derivation as 'tweed' or 'twine'. The meaning of Twyla is 'woven with double thread'.
Famous bearer is Twyla Hayes, Canadian supermodel.
Twyla is Cherokee for twilight, as a 3/4 Cherokee this is obvious to me.
Twyla Tharp is a famous ballet choreographer.
From Middle English twile, from Old English twili "woven with double thread, twilled".

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