Very very very ugly name.
So soft and melodic. It's really lovely.
Uma is a sweet, pretty name. I have a second cousin called Uma, and she has dark hair, which really suits the name, I think. Also, her little sister is called Shanti, another pretty, unique name. Here are some nice Uma combinations:
• Uma Isabella
• Uma Trinity
• Uma Sage
• Uma Elizabeth
• Uma Ruby
• Uma Lizzie.
She wants to dance like Uma Thurman. Good song bad name.
The name Uma was given to 77 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
In Bosnian Uma is used as a diminutive of Umihana, a feminine name of Arabic origin.
This means "horse" in Japanese. There isn't anything wrong with horses but it's ridiculous on a person, it makes you think of someone who isn't attractive. I have many Japanese friends and they always laugh about the actress' name because it seems so ridiculous. It might work outside of Japan, but I really wouldn't use it.
Uma is Oobi's little sister on the Noggin show for preschoolers.
I like the name Uma! It will always remind me of Uma Thurman.
I saw a film with the actress Uma Thurman and thought that it would be a nice name for a baby girl. Two years later I gave birth to a litte girl, which we named Uma Isabella.
I'd consider this name, but only because of the actress.
Quite an odd name, wouldn't you want to name your child something a little longer and more exiting?
This also means "horse" in Japanese.
Uma means one in Portuguese.
A celebrity with this name is actress Uma Thurman.
The actress was named Uma because her dad was apparently a professor of Hindu mythology at a university. It's a pretty name.
Uma Thurman also has three brothers with equally interesting names: Mipam, Dechen and Ganden.

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