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Valente is actually the Italian and Portuguese form of Valens (which is in the main database), not of Valentinus. The forms for Valentinus in these languages are Valentino and Valentim respectively:

- (in Italian; this is about saint Valentine)
- (in Portuguese; this is about saint Valentine)

Latin given names that end in -ens tend to become -ente in Italian and Portuguese, but also in Spanish. A good example of this is the Latin name Clemens, which is Clemente in Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

Here is more evidence that Valente actually comes from Valens:

- (in Italian)
- (in Italian; this is about the Roman emperor Valens)
- (in Portuguese; this is about the Roman emperor Valens)
- (in Spanish; this is about the Roman emperor Valens)

With that said, you might also want to add the usage of Spanish to this name, as this name is also used in the Spanish-speaking world (primarily in Mexico). The Mexican bullfighter Valente Arellano (1964-1984) is one of the known bearers.

Also see:

- (in Spanish)
- page 245 of "Diccionario de Nombres de Personas" written by José M. Albaigés Olivart: (in Spanish)
- Argentina:
- Mexico:
- Puerto Rico:
- Spain:
- (general):
- [noted -ed]
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