Valeriy Yakovlevich Bryusov was a Russian poet.
Russian musician Valeriy Kipelov (Валерий Кипелов), singer of metal bands Aria (Ария) and Kipelov (Кипелов).
This is also the Ukrainian form of Valerius, written as Валерій.

With regards to Valeriy's usage, in Moscow, it was popularised by Soviet aircraft test pilot Valery Chkalov (1904-1938).
From 1936, the year when he was given the honorary title of Hero of the Soviet Union, the name began to rise more steeply compared to the period between the early 1920s and 1936 where it was rising more gradually.

1936 = 23rd (0.33%) - 1937 = 20th (0.6%) - 1938 = 15th (0.89%)

In 1939, the year after Chkalov died in a fighter aircraft crash (in December of 1938), the name spiked in popularity, ranking 7th with over 2.5% of the population of Moscow named Valeriy.

The name has since stayed popular with 1%+ of men born each year between 1939 and 1967 named Valeriy.

Moscow popularity source: Mercator (
A famous bearer of this name is Valeriy Meladze, a Russian actor/singer/composer.

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