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Gender: Feminine

Usages: Belarusian

Transcription: Валерыя

Meaning: Belarusian feminine form of Valerius. --- Valeriya Sudilovskaya

(Information from name #311603 originally submitted by user Frollein Gladys)
Frollein Gladys  8/2/2019
Strong and lovely name.
kayisforkeen  10/7/2018
Valeriya Mammadova is an Azerbaijani professional volleyball player. She is currently playing for Azerrail Baku. Born in Baku, Valeriya first played volleyball at age nine and joined the school volleyball team. She played 180 times for the Azerbaijan women's national volleyball team and was awarded the best libero of 2005 Women's European Volleyball Championship. Mammadova was a member of Azerrail Baku and Volero Zurich before joining Fenerbahçe Women's Volleyball team. She won the bronze medal at the 2008–09 CEV Cup playing with Fenerbahçe Acıbadem and was awarded "Best Receiver".
cutenose  2/24/2017
Valeriya Solovyeva is a Russian tennis player.

Solovyeva has won two doubles titles on the WTA tour, as well as three singles and ten doubles titles on the ITF circuit in her career. On 27 May 2013, she reached her best singles ranking of world number 163. On 15 July 2013, she peaked at world number 67 in the doubles rankings.
lilolaf  1/27/2017
Also the Ukrainian form of Valerius, and it's spelled as "Валерія" in Ukrainian. [noted -ed]
― Anonymous User  3/15/2016
I like this. It's very pretty but it sounds like a pizza place.
― Anonymous User  7/1/2015
Similar nordic name, my second name mostly used in Iceland, Valur has a double meaning. Valur means violent death, or weapondeath, stemming from the same root as Val-kyrie and Val-halla. Similar words that may stem from the same proto-Nordic root may be vald - power (in Icelandic) and vold force/violence (in Norwegian, Swedish and Danish) The Icelandic name for the gyrfalcon is valur as it is quite violent in it's hunt. It's a masculine name.
Maack  3/28/2011
I like this name, it's my friends name and it is very pretty.
italiannames  9/26/2009

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