Gender Masculine
Usage Finnish
Pronounced Pron. VAHL-to

Meaning & History

Finnish short form of Valdemar and other names containing vald.

Related Names

Other Languages & CulturesWaldomar(Ancient Germanic) Uladzimir(Belarusian) Vladimir(Bulgarian) Vladimir(Croatian) Vladimír(Czech) Valdemar, Waldemar(Danish) Vladimer(Georgian) Waldemar(German) Vladimirs, Voldemārs(Latvian) Valdemaras, Vladimiras, Voldemaras(Lithuanian) Vladimir(Macedonian) Waldemar(Norwegian) Valdimárr(Old Norse) Waldemar, Włodzimierz(Polish) Vladimir(Russian) Vladimir(Serbian) Vladimír(Slovak) Vladimir(Slovene) Valdemar, Waldemar(Swedish) Volodymyr, Wolodymyr(Ukrainian)

Name Days

Finland: April 18


Entry updated February 28, 2019