Also used among the English Romani community in the 1800s: -- Vashti Lee, born circa 1835 Norwich
I think this name radiates the "I'm not like any other girls" aura lol, and it also looks and sounds great.
Also Biblical French:
It sounds sweet!
Vashti Bunyan, an English musician with beautiful music. Her full name is Jennifer Vashti Bunyan.
My friend's mother has this name and she is a lovely and generous woman. I personally love this name and think it is quite beautiful and unique.
Portuguese form is Vasti (pron. VAHS-tee). Never saw used outside the Bible though.
Vashti is such an admirable character in the bible with her refusal to be objectified. I would love to name my daughter after her. The meaning 'lovely' is also very pretty. Despite it's ancientness, it has a modern sound to me.
Interesting name. It gives me an Indian or South Asian vibe, though.
Vash (rhymes with cash) Ti (rhymes with tie) Most people I have heard of with the name pronounce it this way. See: Vashti Cunningham.
I know someone who pronounces it Vash-tye, which I think is more attractive than Vash-tee. It sounds warm and even sultry.
This is a daring but gorgeous choice. Vashti in the Bible defied her husband's wishes so he divorced her to wed Esther.
In the 1956 film "Giant" starring Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson, a rural Texan character is named Vashti. In the film it was pronounced "VASH-tye".
"The Complete Book of Muslim and Parsi Names" by Maneka Gandhi and Ozair Husain lists Washti as a Persian name meaning "beauty; goodness", and writes that it is associated with the story of Esther. I assume that Washti is the Persian form of Vashti.
There's something about this name that I really like, though I can't put my finger on what it is. For some reason, when I hear it, I picture a red-haired seamstress. The seamstress part could be due to it's meaning, but I don't know about the red hair.
I have trouble saying this name, and I'm not sure why. It's nice though.
There is a charchter named Vashti in E. M Forster's 'The Machine Stops'.
Vashti Bunyan (b 1945) is an English singer-songwriter. Her first album, Just Another Diamond Day, has been extremely influential since its release in 1970.
The singer Vashti Bunyan is a well-known bearer of this (very pretty) name.
It is derived from the Persian root/word vashta, meaning good or beautiful. It is unique in the sense that it is one of the few proper names in the Tanakh to begin with the letter "waw."
If it is indeed of Persian origin, it should be pronounced vash-TEE, not VASH-tee. It is a beautiful name.
It sounds to me very sensual.
I was looking up the name a few nights ago, and I found that it was indeed of Persian origin. The site I was looking on, which escapes me now, had it listed as meaning beautiful or pure.

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