I found Vasilisa for the first time in a fairy tale. It was Italianized as Vassilissa which is good to understand which kind of s you have to use but the look was so weird!

However I pronounce Vasilisa as va-ZEE-lee-sa because using two "s of sun" is too hard for me.

Anyway the name is beautiful. Basilio (the Italian masculine form) is one of my favourite names and I think that Vasilisa is the best among the feminine forms.

I like it a lot!
Felie  4/20/2019
This is the name of the female protagonist of many different Russian fairy tales, such as Vasilisa the Beautiful, The Firebird and Princess Vasilisa, Vasilisa the Wise, Vasilisa the Priest's Daughter, and The Frog Princess. In most stories she is depicted as a princess.
Buneary  10/29/2018
I adore my name.
My name is Vasilisa Anastasia.
I believe it is quite lovely and a bit simple.
I pronounce it {vah-sah-lee-sah}.
My nicknames are as given, {Vassa, Vasya and Vasilisochka, but hardly ever Lisa}. I am sometimes called {Lissa, pronounced as lis-ah}.
A darling I am! My mother said it reminded her of fairy tales and porcelain dolls.
I am eternally grateful to have such a beautiful and rare name as Vasilisa.♡.
darlingvasilisa  6/23/2015
Vasilisa is Greek and means Queen.
LittleMissDreamy  7/1/2012
The first time I heard this name, or more precisely, read it, I absolutely loved it. But I thought at that time that Vasilisa was just a name, that found his source by the big fantasy of Rachelle Mead, the writer of Vampire Academy.
It is by accident that I found this name here. And it surprised me, that this was a REAL name. I liked it, because it seemed to be a name that was exotic and rare in use, if this name was a real one. In my mind's eye the owner of this name was such royal with, what's called, a classical beauty.
I know now that this name is true, but still, this name is my favorite. Just because it sounds to me, for a time where Tsars where ruling in Russia. :)
bella_forks  8/24/2011
One of the oldest Russian names! Vassa could be the diminutive.
Jogitta  2/19/2011
It looks like the name of a type of disease to me.
Dawson  12/9/2010
I have loved this name since I read the VA books. It Is one of the only Russian names I would consider using. So pretty! And not in the top 1000 anywhere, not even in Russia were it originated.
Isabella Maria  8/15/2010
I think this is a really strange, odd, exotic and beautiful name! Very usable. :)
walesgal92  4/10/2010
This is such a beautiful name. My Russian professor said that, outside of the fairy tale, you rarely ever hear it on an actual Russian. I like how it's a very uncommon name without being some made-up monstrosity.
Anyechka  9/8/2009
In Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy series, Moroi Princess Vasilisa is the last surviving Dragomir.
AnniKat  6/23/2009
In Russia it is a very very old folk story. There are two Vasilisas. Vasilisa the Beautiful and Vasilisa the Wise. As told Vasilisa is one of the most oldest female names in Russia. It is considered to be very rare so therefore it is also very beautiful. In Greek it means 'Queen/Princess'.
vasilisaermakova  11/23/2006

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