Vazha is also used as a feminine name in Georgian. However, it's more common for males. So, I think that the "Gender" of this name should be changed from "Masculine" to "Masculine & Feminine".

Some sources state that the name also means "brave, courageous", and interestingly, they use the word ვაჟკაცი (vazhk'atsi) to give that meaning with. "Vazhk'atsi" is a composite word that consists of Georgian ვაჟი (vazhi) meaning "son" and Georgian კაცი (k'atsi) meaning "man", so a more literal meaning of the word would be "manly man" or "manly son". This is reminiscent of the Germanic given name Carloman, which is composed in a similar manner.

All in all, I suppose that one could say that while the given name Vazha may mean "son" in a literal sense, it can be considered to mean "brave, courageous" in a more general or figurative sense.

Lastly, the popularity of Vazha as a given name started in honour of the celebrated Georgian poet Vazha-Pshavela (1861-1915), whose real name was Luka Razikashvili. Only the popularity, mind you: the first use of the name did not start with him. After all, the use of appellatives as given names is a common thing in the Kartvelian naming culture:

"One group of first names is derived from appellatives, denoting: a person of both genders and of various ages (Geo. Gogona, Megr. Cira, ʒaba, Svan. Dina "girl"; Geo. ḳacia, Megr. ḳočia "man"), and relatives, as a rule, of the older generation (Geo. Dediḳa, mamia, papuna, biʒina. Their stems denote: mother, father, grandfather, uncle. The rich derivative capability of Kartvelian languages is extensively used for the formation of such names." ~~~ from page 891 of "Namenforschung/Name Studies/Les noms propres" at (in English)

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According to the Wiktionary article listed below, the IPA pronunciation of Vazha is: /vɑʒɑ/ (in English) [noted -ed]

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