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Věra Kohnová was a Jewish girl from Czechoslovakia. She wrote a diary about her feelings and about events during the Nazi occupation. Her diary was published in 2006. Kohnová was born in Plzeň in 1929, into the family of Otakar Kohn, a secretary for the Teller company. At the age of twelve she began keeping a diary. She wrote in it for five months, during which time the situation of her family and other Jews in Plzeň gradually worsened. She didn't describe the fate of Jews of the time but wrote mainly about her personal feelings. The last entry in her diary is, "We are here just tomorrow and after tomorrow, who knows what will be then. Bye-bye, my diary!".
lilolaf  8/4/2017
Slovak form is Viera.
Meg_Simpson  3/25/2011
Vera is also a last name found in South America (Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, etc.). It is also found in Spain (Vera y Aragon, or just Vera). My Grandfather is Sicilian and his last name was also VERA. You can find a bunch in the Caribbean (Cuba, PR, Santo Domingo).
― Anonymous User  5/28/2009
Věra Chytilová, director
Věra Řeháčková, author
Věra Linhartová, author
Věra Čáslavská, gymnast
Věra Cechel-Pospíšilová, athlet
Věra Suková, tennis player
Věra Ferbasová, actress
Věra Nerušilová, actress
Věra Příkazská, singer
Věra Galatíková, actress
Věra Kubánková, actress
Věra Tichánková, actress
Věra Křesadlová, actress/singer
Emilie007  9/27/2008
Indian singer Věra Giňová-Bílá, born 22th May 1954, Rokycany.
Emilie007  9/9/2008
Another famous bearer is Czech actress Věra Filatová.
Emilie007  5/28/2008
Famous bearers:
Rock/Soul singer Věra Špinarová
Country singer Věra Martinová
Director/Writer Věra Plívová-Šimková
Maggie_Simpson  2/25/2008
Pronounced "Vye-rah"
Karcoolka  2/7/2008
Czech-South African singer Victoria's real name is Věra Ficková.
Maggie_Simpson  8/29/2006

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