Also Estonian:
Veli is a cartoon from Tatarstan that gained notoriety for being a mockbuster of the hit Disney cartoon Gravity Falls (right down to having copied the art style). The title character is a Tatar boy who speaks only Russian who is sent to live with his grandmother to learn Tatar.
Veli Kavlak (born 3 November 1988) is an Austrian footballer who plays for Süper Lig club Beşiktaş as a midfielder, having previously played for Rapid Wien.
Veikko sounds odd to me, so this is just bizarre. But it's not that weird when combined (like in Veli-Pekka or Veli-Matti).
I don't like this name - it's an anagram of "evil".
In Bulgaria "Veli" is used a short form of all of the names beginning with "Veli", eg. "Velislav", "Velizar", "Velizarii", "Velichko".
Please, don't name your kids Veli and Sisko (=sister). It sounds very weird.

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