There's a song by the Canadian rock band Billy Talent called "Saint Veronika" which in turn was based on the book "Veronika Chooses to Die" by Paulo Coelho.
Veronika is so beautiful! I prefer this spelling to Veronica. :)
Add Usage: Finnish, English (Rare)

Pronounced: VEH-raw-nee-ka (Slovak), veh-RAW-ni-ka (Swedish), veh-RO-neh-ga (Danish), VEH-ro-nee-kah (Finnish), və-RAHN-i-kə (American English), və-RAWN-i-kə (British English)
Can you say T R A S H Y S P E L L I N G?
It is also used in Ukrainian. Spelled: Вероніка. It is in the top 10 names in Lviv Region (Ukraine). [noted -ed]
If I could have had a chance to choose my name, it would be Veronika. But since my name is Nika I decided that my first daughter will be Veronika Tia. My grandma's sister is Veronika but we all call her 'Veronka'(she's old lady). I personally don't like the nickname 'Veronka', it makes ME feel old. I like more 'Verona'- like that town in Italy from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet- or 'Rona','Roni','Ronja','Veroni','Veronja' and 'Verena'. But I would use those names only as nicknames or maybe as middle names.
Also my chief female scout guide is Veronika. And I also figured it out that Veronika is made out of Slavic word 'vera' means 'religion, belief' and Greek goddess Nike ('nike'-'victory'). So it means 'Victory of religion/belief'. I hope this information is somehow useful.
With 34 431 bearers, Veronika is the 36th most common feminine name in Hungary. (01/01/2016).
Hungarian pronunciation: VE-ro-ni-kaw. [noted -ed]
The name is also used in Iceland.
I really like this name but I wouldn't use it. It seems like a good alternative to Veronica in English speaking countries.
Pronounced veh-RON-ee-kah (short) in Croatian. [noted -ed]
Veronika is also used frequently in The Netherlands.
Also a popular name in Croatia. [noted -ed]
My mother named me Veronika (she's from Germany), and growing up, I honestly wished I had a more common name, like Lisa or Jenny. I felt strangely alone having one of the more exotic names in school, with the "K" spelling only adding to the mystique. My entire life, I've only met only 3 other Veronicas, and none with a "K". At home I was called Ronnie (my dad read the Archie comics growing up), and in high school, friends tried out different names like "Nika" and "Vero" (I hated those and never responded). For a while in college, my coworkers called me "Vernie" (horrible, but funny), and at one of my early post-college jobs, elderly customers on the phone heard my name as "Rhonda", and that stuck for a bit. As I got older, I decided I not only liked my name, but I loved the spelling. I've found when someone learns my name before meeting me, there's a tendency to assume I'm glamorous, smart, and sexy. While I won't deny these qualities, I am more nerd than sexpot.
Veronika Famfulová-Alešová is mother of painter Mikoláš Aleš.
Veronika Vařeková, a supermodel, born 19. June, 1977 in Karviná.
In Czech and Hungarian, at least, the name would be accented on the first syllable (as is everything else in these languages, though in Czech there is some dialectal variation). In Hungarian the pronunciation would be (approximately) VAR-o-nee-ka. I knew a Hungarian-born woman with this name. She said the usual nickname was Veron (pronounced VAR-on).
So now I found links that tell about the Russian pronunciation of Veronika. ( - in English
( - in English
+ Russian wikipedia, where you can see easily see the stress mark. In the brackets there is information about stressing "in west". (
Veronika is also used in Slovakia. [noted -ed]
My mother-in-law's name. She is German, and she pronounces it "Ver-OH-nee-ka".
I'm pretty sure that Veronika is pronounced Vye-ro-NEE-kah (at least in Russian), not Ve-RO-nee-kah. [noted -ed]
ToveTer: It is really pronounced Ve-RAW-nee-kah.
Veronika has 9th place in Top 10 Czech Republic. It was borne by 1632 little girls.
A famous bearer is model Veronika Vařeková, she was born 1 June 1977, Olomouc, Czechoslovakia.
Pet forms: Vera, Verona, Verunka, Roni, Nika. Name Day: 7th February (in the Czechia).
Listen to the German pronunciation of Veronika here:
Veronika Žilková - actress
Veronika Zaňková - singer
Veronika is a character´s name of Agáta Hanychová in the new Czech movie "Crash Road"
Borne by the heroine of Paulo Coelho's wonderful novel "Veronica Decides to Die".
The name Veronika is from these words: "Vere iko nika". Which means: "Brings the true image". Veronika also comes from name Verenika which means victory. It is very popular name in the Czech and Slovak Republics.
Although "Veronika" is the, so to speak, official Swedish way of spelling this name, only about 1/7 of the Swedish women named so spell it with a "k". Most common is to spell it with a "c" just as in English.

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