Viggo Tarasov is the name of the main antagonist in the 2014 film 'John Wick'.
ShadyMouse  2/2/2020
My son's names are Søren (born 2012) and Viggø (2015). They are half french, half polish and the choice of their names come from my husband and my fascination with skandanavian culture. Plus, as I can't pronounce french names, nor can my husband pronounce polish, the choice of Scandinavian names made our lives easier ;)
― Anonymous User  11/15/2017
In 2015 Virgo was given to 2 boys in Scotland, which made it land at 863rd place. (source:
cutenose  2/16/2017
I named my second son Viggo (Vee-goh) Wolfgang. My husband's family is Danish and German. We wanted to give our son a name for his heritage. I loved the name Viggo for its viking roots and strong sound.
Endula  6/28/2016
I named my son Viggo after I learned the meaning of it.
― Anonymous User  7/19/2014
I knew a kid named Vigo Brunar in first and second grade. He went on a cross-country road trip and then moved to Germany.
I like the VEE-goh pronunciation better than VIHG-oh.
Quamalamalam  1/31/2014
This was the name of a disinherited Danish prince, Count Viggo of Rosenborg (1893-1970); he was a grandson of Christian IX of Denmark and a first cousin of Christian X of Denmark, Haakon VII of Norway, Constantine I of Greece, George V of the United Kingdom and Tsar Nicholas II of Russia.
― Anonymous User  8/1/2012
It is unlikely that I would ever use it as a sole name, but I can certainly see myself putting "Viggo" into play as a nickname.

When I lay my eyes upon it, I feel that it is very stimulating and noble; in great possession of strength and respect. It is pleasant to both the eye and ear-- a quality that is increasingly difficult to encounter (with all of the 'kre8tivitee' going on, nowadays.)
Like the poster above, I find it astonishing that popularity surrounding it has not yet taken off... although, I am grateful, for I would never use it if it became the next "Jacob" or "Milo."
Francesca  1/20/2012
I instinctively want to pronounce this name as VIGG-o rather than VEE-go. This is a spunky name and I'm surprised that it hasn't taken off yet in English speaking nations. 'V' is a hot letter and the 'O' ending appeals to many - I think all it would take would be a celebrity more in the limelight than Taylor Hanson to use this for it to come to attention.
vomiting  12/22/2010
Pronounced VEE-go.
telfalathiel  2/1/2009
Taylor Hanson, the middle brother of band Hanson, and his wife Natalie Hanson welcomed their fourth child, a son named Viggo Moriah Hanson, on Tuesday, December 9th. The baby was born in Tulsa, Okla., weighing in at 8 lbs, 5 oz.
emilyrugburn  12/10/2008
A character from SSX3 is named Viggo Rolig.
ilovespencerc  3/8/2008
I think this is an okay name but I probably wouldn't name my kid this.
― Anonymous User  4/22/2007
Viggo is an old Scandinavian name dating back to the Viking age. The short form of the name "Vig(en)" or "Vik(en)" refers to the English word for (the) inlet or (the) bay; not war, as incorrectly stated on this website. The young men from "Viken" is from where the name "Viking" came about and where the Viking ships were launched.

Back to "Viggo," the youngest and most handsome Viking on the Viking ship, bore the name Viggo, full of vigor, vigorous if you will, etc.

Skaal! (meaning (drinking) bowl in Viking speak)

Viggo the Dane.
― Anonymous User  9/10/2006
There is a place in Spain called Vigo with only one G.
Veronica Mikal  9/10/2006
Famous bearer is actor Viggo Mortensen of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
foxsurfergirl  4/9/2005
Viggo Mortensen is half Danish.
― Anonymous User  1/16/2006

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