Prefer Victoria. The "k" in Viktoria looks too "spiky".
Also used in Croatian:
Viktoria Steiner is the name of an Austrian YouTuber.
Her channel's name is "ViktoriaSarina" and she makes challenges with her best friend Sarina Hütter.
They both reached over 1 Million subscribers.
My name is Viktoria and I love it because my dad chose it for me and because it's a less common spelling for the name Victoria. Also I feel like the "k" doesn't make it look as proper or royal as Victoria. Everyone I've met thought my name was spelled with a 'c' at first. I also feel my name is a bit odd or unique because I can hardly find any name websites with my name because it shows results for Victoria instead because it's more commonly used. But Viktoria can have the same nicknames as Victoria, which is really cool. I have multiple different nicknames some not even similar to my name but some nicknames can be Vicky, Tori, Toria, and Viki. I've also been called Viktor and V by my friend who loves using nicknames.
I love the spelling of Viktoria since it adds a sense of graceful flair that I genuinely adore.
Princess Viktoria of Hesse and by Rhine, later Viktoria Mountbatten, Marchioness of Milford Haven was the grandmother of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.
Viktoria Varga is the girlfriend of Italian professional footballer Graziano Pellè.
Also used in Greece, written (Βικτωρια).
The 'k' adds flair and beauty to Victoria.
My legal name is Victoria but I plan to change my name to Viktoria when I become 18. It's just so much more like me, and it has way more pizzazz and exoticism than Victoria.
Also Russian. Famous bearer is Viktoria Komova. [noted -ed]
Viktoria (1866-1929) was the daughter of Frederick III, German Emperor and his wife Victoria Adelaide, the oldest daughter of Queen Victoria.
Viktoria Luise (1892-1980) was the only daughter of Wilhelm II, German Emperor and his wife Augusta. She was married to Ernst August, Duke of Brunswick and was the grandmother of the current head of the House of Hanover, infamous Ernst August.
Singer Yulia Volkova and martial arts expert Pasha Sidorov have a daughter Viktoria Pavlovna Volkova Sidorova, born 23th September, 2004.
Another possible nickname I came up with is Vika (VEE-ka).
Singer Yulia Volkova and martial arts expert Pasha Sidorov have a daughter Viktoria Sidorova, born 23th September, 2004.
I feel this name really suits young girls. Alternative nicknames could be "Vicki" or "Vic".
Listen to the German pronunciation of Viktoria here:

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