I am learning about Hinduism in Social Studies and we just covered Vishnu. She can definitely read the sacred Hindu texts as well as shoot chickens with shotguns.
Manchu Vishnu is an Indian film actor, producer and director known for his works in Telugu cinema and television.
Vishnu Sharma is the name of the heroic security guard played by Jimmy Shergill in the 2014 Indian horror film "Darr @ the Mall".
The script used here is Devanagari. Hindi and Sanskrit are languages, not scripts.
In Spanish, we write it ''Visnú''.
Vishnu is the consort of the goddess Lakshmi. He lies on the great snake with thousands of heads, named Ananta-Sesha (an incarnation of Baladev). Ananta-Sesha floats in the realm of Vaikuntha, in the Ocean of Milk.

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