'Vita' is the plural Swedish word for 'white'.
My name is Vita. I have always loved my name. It was originally my middle name, but I decided to use this as my first name from the age of 5. As an adult I decided to make this my legal first name. I love the sound, meaning, and general lack of popularity.
This is my name. It is pronounced VEE-ta with a long 'I' sound kind of like the 'ee' in seen. I have always been the only Vita in my class, and even though it's not an actual name according to some, it's still pretty nice. Sometimes people don't realize that Vita is a female name and use male pronouns when talking about me. There aren't really any nicknames that can be made, but I suppose Vee could be a nickname. People ask me if I was named after the character Vita in the Jacqueline Wilson book Clean Break, but I was born before the book came out. I would absolutely advise against naming your daughter this name as she's gonna get called things like vitamin and vital.
In 2018, 55 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Vita who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 4365th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Pronounced: VIT-ah, VEE-tah.
We have a daughter named Vita and she is full of life, all smiles and heart and it fits her perfectly. It was her Great Italian Granny's name and also suits because it means life and it took us a while to get pregnant with her. In fact there's another girl called Vita living on our street, so it is definitely growing in popularity.
A famous bearer is Vitalina "Vita" Sidorkina, a Russian model (1994-).
I really like this name as a diminutive of Vittoria. On its own, it's too short.
Also a Swahili word meaning "wars", "battles".
Vita is used in Italian as well. It's especially common in the south of Italy. [noted -ed]
I wrote a song called Oh, Vita. Because it meas life. I love the names Vita and Liv for girls because of their meanings. Vita is the name I will give to a daughter if I have one. It's my favorite name ever. I just decided that today.
It sounds kind of stuffy and mean, and the association with Vita Sackville-West is not a flattering one.
An awesome nickname for Victoria. Way better than Tori or Vicky.
How could anyone not like a name that means "life?" This is definitely on my short list of girl names. As for pretentious- that's funny. It's just not popular like the Emma and Sophia and that's why none of you like it.
La dolce vita - the good life!
Pronounced VEE-ta.
Italian for "life".
I know a Vita. It fits her perfectly because she's full of life. Her parents were inspired by a trip to Italy I believe. I don't like it particulary, but it's a nice meaning.
What a strange name. It immediately brings words like 'vital' and 'vitamin' to mind, and it sounds a bit pretentious. It's not even pretty, so why would anyone use it?
Also a girls name in Slovenia.
I personally don't like the name. It sounds too snotty and posh. But that's my opinion. One of Jacqueline Wilson's books, Clean Break, features a character called Vita.
Famous bearer is Vita Sackville-West, who was a famous author, gardener and a friend of Virginia Woolf. Vita in this case is short for Victoria.

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